Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


It's been a while since I wrote in my diary.  I am now on kangaroo hours, which means I am out all night and in during the day.  So I can't sneak on the computer anymore to write in my diary.  I do miss my night time cuddles, so last week when the grand finals were on I cuddled on Mummies lap for more than 2 hours and slept through the whole match.  Seems like I didn't really miss anything.  
My Mummies have been very clever and made me a really nice shelter for night times when I come home, it is warm and cosy, full of comfy pillows and my blankets.  I like cuddling in there some nights.
Mummy weighed me yesterday and I am 14.2kg.  Mummy is finding it harder to pick me up now.  I now have 2 sisters, my baby sis Josie who weighs just 3kg and my big sis Joslyn who has just moved back to Albany after living in The Netherlands.  Josie and I kinda get along but she can be annoying at times.  I love sleeping and she keeps jumping on top of me.  Joslyn is a cool sis, she gives me my bottle and loves feeding me apples and strawberries.  She also sneaks me leaves from the rosebush and vegie garden.  Hope Mummy doesn't catch on when she realises the rose bush is not growing anymore.


I am now on kangaroo time.  I stay out all night and during the day I sleep in the back yard or the office.  I am too big for my pouch and don't want to be inside during the night anymore.  My last bottle of the day is at about 4pm and then my day as a kangaroo really starts, but at 6am I am home again in time for my bottle.  I know Mummy misses giving me cuddles at night before bed time and worries about me being out all night, but she knows I am a big girl now and need to take care of myself.  I give her lots of cuddles during the day now.  I am so tired though!!

Sleepy Sammie Jo HideAway Haven luxury in Albany


Last week I came home and was trailing blood all over the floor.  I had a big gash in my foot.  Mummy tried to keep it clean and kept me inside for a couple of days, until she thought it was all healed.  This morning I couldn't hop or walk, just shuffle along the floor.  The my foot got all swollen and hot.  My mummy's took me to the vet and I had x-rays and it showed a bad infection.  I have anitbiotics  that have to be injected into me.  Mummy was not going to do it, so luckily Mommy had the vet teach her how to do it.  My foot is all wrapped up in a poultice and I have to stay quiet and keep it clean.  Good news is though the vet said I could have an extra bottle during the day while I am healing.  I now weigh 12.6kg.  I was a really good girl at the vet and got a treat when I got home.  I know it had rescue remedy on it :-)  wonder if Mummy finished the rest of the bottle.


My Mommy's family came to visit us from America.  I finally got to meet Sam whom I was named after.  It has been a very busy crazy time and on a couple of days everyone was gone a really long time and I was home all by myself.  But when they came home I was rewarded for being so good and understanding with lots of special treats and loads of cuddles by everyone.  They left yesterday and I am so sad.  I sat under the washing line, where their clothes were hanging, all day and the only thing I got happy about was my bottle.  I didn't even want to come for Mummy hugs and cuddles. Mummy carried me inside into the office but I bolted right back outside again in case they had come back. Doug, Johnnie and Sam had become part of my pack and now they have gone and I miss them so much.

Thank you for coming to visit and spend time with my family,it was a very happy time.  I loved all my cuddles, attention and the special treats fed to me by hand.  I am really missing you all and my Mummy's are sad too.


Mummy was telling Auntie Pauline that they met Carolyn Creswell from Carman's Muesli and told her that I love her muesli.  Pauline says that she always feeds her kids (meaning her rescued animals and birds) Carman's  muesli as well and even keeps muesli bars in her handbag so when they go pick up an injured joey, bandicoot, eagle, possum, parrot she always has something to feed them in car on the way to their new home.  When her and Uncle Kev are driving they sometimes see a dead kangaroo on the side of the road and there might be a live joey inside the pouch.  They take the joey home and look after it until it is old enough to be released.  They have a big property so they never go far.  We are lucky in the Albany Region to have Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev who love wildlife so much, they have given their life to taking care of us. I love going to visit when my Mummies go away and I get to play with Lily.

Look them up on facebook at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitators .  Maybe when Carman's has a spare box or an out of date one you can send it to Dreamers and tell them Sammie sent it :-)

Mummy went out yesterday and bought me some muesli bars.  OMG they are so yummy, but very sticky.  They stuck to the floor and in my teeth.  Hope I get some of these everyday now.


When my Mummies went to the Telstra Awards, the keynote speaker was Carolyn Creswell who is the founder of Carman's Muesli.  Mummy said she was a really awesome inspirational speaker and they met her after the award ceremony.   I love Carman's Muesli, I get it on my snack plate every night.  I don't like the one with the fruit but the love the ones with seeds and nuts.  So I had to have my photo taken yesterday so we could sent it off to Carmen's.

This is written on Carman's webpage by Carolyn :-

It was 20 years ago that I bought a small muesli business for $1,000.  I had no experience, no formal business training and very little money, but what I did have was the passion to make it a success.  Twenty years on, I am as shocked as anyone of the incredible success Carman’s has become.  With reaching this milestone, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.  It is with gratitude in my heart that I have watched my little Australian business grow and I know it is all because of you, our loyal customers.

Now you can add Sammie Jo and her Mummies to your list of loyal customers :-)  



My Mummies went to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  I am too big now to come along, so I went to stay at Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev's place.  I got to play with Lily.  As I am an only 'child' (the cats don't count)  I did get a bit jealous when Auntie Pauline was giving Lily some attention. It was nice to see some one else with big long legs and a long tail and share a drink from the same bowl.  Mummy is hoping to get me a sister to play with, but I am not so sure that's a good idea.  I like having my Mummies all to my self.

I was really spoilt and allowed to stay inside. I even managed a flying leap over the couch.  That was fun!!   Auntie Pauline played with me and I got so tired, I was fast asleep in my bed when my Mummies came to get me.


I am so proud of my Mummies.  They are finalists in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.  They are in 2 categories, which gives them two chances to win.  I am too big now to go with them, so I am going to Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitors.  It will be nice to see them again (sshhhh Auntie Pauline gives me mangoes and shares her cup of tea with me) and hopefully the weather will be nice so I can play with Lilly.  You can see how big I am now in this photo.  It is really handy being so tall coz I can take things off the counter when Mummy isn't looking.


I am getting a little more independent, wandering a little further from home.  A few times Mummy has had to coax me from the Cameron's back yard.  It is so nice there, so peaceful and quiet.  Lots of big trees and green grass.  But Mummy is scared I will fall into the creek again.  I will always find my way home again though, because my Mummies leave on all the lights and floodlights so it is bright and light.  I come in at about 6:30 now for my snack and then lie in front of the fire. Then it is cuddle time and off to bed.  Mummy loves her cuddle time with me at night.  I am glad I don't have to sleep outside in the winter.


I am now officially a big girl.  At 10kg I am all grown up.  I don't need my bottle any-more and I don't need cuddles any more, I don't need to be a wrapped up and hanging in my pouch at night.


I love my bottles and my cuddles and being inside.  On days when it is cold and rainy and windy, why would I want to be a big girl.  I know how to put on my 'I am lonely' little girl look and Mummy brings me inside.

I like keeping Mummy (I know I am a big girl and should say Mum) company when she goes for her walk, but seriously up and down the fire break twice a day.  Sometimes I just take off and wait in the back yard for her.  I let her think that she is doing it for me.

Look at the photo...am I a big girl? do I look ready to give up my bottle yet?

Sammie Jo Orphan Joey at HideAway Haven


I had my first swim and shower today.  I went for my usual run this morning and landed in a huge pool of stagnant water. We think it might have been the creek.  I was soaking wet and covered in a green slimy mess from the tips of ears to the tip of my tail.  I didn't want to follow Mummy home because I wanted to clean myself up, but Mummy didn't want me to swallow too much of the green stuff in case I got sick.  So she picked me up and carried me for about 500 metres back home and straight into the shower.  I was shaking and shivering.  I had a nice warm shower and Mummy cleaned me up and herself and I was wrapped into a towel and then a blanket and put into bed to get warm and dry.  I am still a little stinky though.

Yesterday I was inside and and I got spooked.  My safe spot in the house is in front of the oven door because I can see myself in the reflection of the door.  I raced so fast to the door and couldn't stop in time and crashed with my nose into the door.  I got a blood nose and later when I sneezed I got blood all over Mummy.  

I am glad I live here, I am not sure how a kangaroo Mummy could take of me and all my accidents.


I have become the new hostess at HideAway Haven, welcoming our guests when they come to the door.  They LOVE it!!  

I am growing fast already weighing 7 kgs.  My Mummies are trying to work out how they can get me to sleep outside or in the garage, but I am not going to agree with that one.  It's dark and I can't see and in the winter it will be cold.  I love my basket in the office.

Mummy is still taking me for runs on the block next door and she picks blackberries for me.  I love them!!   

My back yard is a safe place again and the gate is always open during the day, so I can come and go as I please.  It's nice to find different places to graze.


It's been a little while since my last post.  I am growing up to be a big girl but still love my bottles and night time cuddles.  I am spending more time alone outside of the back yard, making my own way down the hill and grazing on the block.  I still get my early morning and afternoon runs along the fire break.  I love racing along, jumping over bushes and even managed to jump over Mummy's shoulder.  She was kinda impressed.  I am getting used to guests wanting to cuddle me and as long as I am in my pouch and Mummy isn't too far away its OK.  I am getting used to all the photos being taken of me.  Last night I had my first taste of a zucchini.  My snack Mommy cut off the end and it was yummy.


It's Valentines Day, so time for lots of love to our guests this morning.  Jo and Darin checked out this morning and Mummy brought me out to say goodbye.  Jo was so sweet and she gave me some of her grapes.  Yummy.  I got a big cuddle and of course Darin took photos.  After they left Lynn and Mike were ready to leave.  Lynn had rocked me to sleep yesterday but was excited to have another cuddle.  She didn't have any grapes for me though.  We had the usual photo in front of Heidi...boooring, I just wanted to get back to the back yard.

With 2 checkouts and a service my Mummy's were really busy.  Bill next door was busy with his hedge trimmer which scared me, so Mummy thought she would just put me to bed for an hour or so.  Aaahhh that was nice, I cuddled up and slept for two and half hours.  Mummy was happy coz she and Mommy got everything done downstairs and then woke me for my bottle.

I usually get to spend an hour in the office in the afternoon and then Mummy puts me back into the yard.  Yesterday I decided I didn't want to. I fought Mummy to stay inside.  I got on my hind legs and jumped and kicked.  But Mummy won and I ended up in the back yard after all.