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At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

Born Free - now time to Run Free my baby girl

Sammie will not be writing diary entries any more but I will keep you up to date as we hear news of her freedom.

Sammie has decided she is well enough now to be with the big kids, doesn't want her bottles any more and wants to be out all night.

Through months of rehabilitation and hours of massages and loving wonderful care from Pauline and Kev at Dreamers Dream, Sammie recuperated and healed from her myopathy.  It was Sammie's decision to leave and run free.  I believe that during our last visit Sammie was saying goodbye.  Sammie cuddled up on my lap after her bottle and fell asleep on my lap with her face snuggled into my neck.  She was very affectionate that day like I haven't experienced in a long time.  I didn't know that was our goodbye.

It was always our intention to release Sammie into the farmland near us and we hoped that Sammie Jo would come and visit.  We have learnt so much about kangaroos and 'their' families, we are thankful that she is at Dreamers Dream.  There are so many other orphan kangaroos there that have now become Sammie's family.  They all take care of each other, run together and stay close to each other.  Sammie would not have had that here.

We are looking forward to raising another baby where there is a need, but at 8 - 10kg they will go and live at Dreamers Dream and become part of the mob that live there.

Am I sad that Sammie is running free?  Part of me is and Sammie Jo will always hold a very special place in my heart, but there is another part of me that is so proud of what we have accomplished here at HideAway Haven.  We saved Sammie's life on several occasions and now our beautiful girl is running free. 

We have established a special friendship with Pauline and Kev and will always support the wonderful work they do taking care of orphaned and injured wildlife.  We hope that during our visits we will catch a glimpse of Sammie as she is enjoying her new freedom.  And who knows maybe one day we will become fur grand Mummy's


What an exciting day.  Joslyn came to visit me.  I haven't seen her for a long time so I made sure I got lots of hugs and cuddles.  We even had some selfies.  Joslyn played with Rocket and had cuddles with Holly.  The baby was out of KayDee's pouch and Joslyn saw the movement of a tiny baby in KayCee's pouch.  It was a fun couple of hours.  Thank you for visiting Joslyn, I have missed you.


Both my Mummies came to visit me again.  This time we stayed in the enclosure with all my other sisters and 2 brothers with us.  There were 11 all together.  My Mummies really loved hanging out with my new family.  They brought along lots of Albany Woolly Bush which I shared with everyone.  There were also some strawberries and bread but only Straya and me liked those.

Mummy pick me up and cuddled me on her lap, like she always did when I was still living at HideAway Haven.  It felt so good and so safe and warm.  I snuggled my head into Mummy's neck and promptly fell asleep.  A loud noise woke me up and I could see tears in both my Mummies eyes, it was a very special moment for all of us.  I know how much they love me and miss me and am so glad that they visit me lots.  

Mummy gave me my bottle and then Rocket wanted his bottle so Mummy was feeding us both.  Then it was time for Holly but she was too busy playing to stop for her bottle.  KayDee's baby 'Rooben' came out of the pouch.  Not sure how he fits in there anymore.

I am getting stronger every day and I have been out with the big kids now during the night.  I know Auntie Pauline worries about me, so I make sure that I knock on her bedroom at about 4:30am just to let her know that I am back and am safe.  I think she appreciates that.

Sammie Orphaned Joey HideAway Haven rescue


Happy Mother's Day


Thanks for taking care of me and loving me

until I can take care of myself, 

which might be a while from now.

Wishing you all the joy, care and love you all deserve on this special day! Without your love and care I wouldn't be here today.  It might take a long time to become a wild child again and maybe I will never grow big and strong, but with so much love in my life, with so many sisters, a couple of brothers and some babies who need looking after, I am happy and content.

Thank you Mummy for taking care of me and saving me when my Mummy was killed and I was just a tiny baby.  Then when I cut my foot so badly and rescuing me when I suffered myopathy after a dog chased me.  Thank you for taking in Josie and raising her till she decided to go be with other wild kangaroos.

Thank you Auntie Pauline for being a Mummy to so many fur kids.  Without you so many would have died or suffered.  Thank you for being up through the night to feed the babies, who when very small are often in need of being fed every couple of hours. You are an inspiration to us all with your dedication and commitment to help wildlife in need. 

Thank you to my sister Joslyn for being Mummy to Phoebe a ring tail possum who is now living the life of a wild child at night and spending her days safely and warmly in her pouch.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wildlife carers. Without you so many would die after being orphaned or injured. We know you can't save them all but thank you for allowing those that can't be saved, a safe warm heart and home to pass away in.

Here is a photo of me when I was still very little and still living at home with my Mummies.


Mummy came to visit me again this week.  She was so thrilled to see me and said she could see my ' happy eyes' again.  I am feeling so much better now and don't get tired so quickly.  I came out of my enclosure and had Mummy all to myself.  She fed me my woolly bush and bread.  We had cuddles, ear tickles. kisses and head rubs. Mummy even gave me my bottle (Auntie Pauline snuck in an extra one so Mummy could give it to me)  It was almost like old times.  But then she had leave again, so v e r y reluctantly I went back into my enclosure (I am a good girl) with all my new sisters.  Rocket (my new brother) and I get along really well, I think he will look after me when it is time for me to be a wild child again. The vet came to see me this week and is really thrilled with my progress and was really interested in what Auntie Pauline was doing to help my recovery.

                           By Dr Howard Ralph and Dr Rosemary Austen

The outcome of being subjected to a precipitating stressor is variable but the prognosis is often poor and the patient may die very soon after exposure or show progressive signs for several months and eventually die. Treatment is available and if applied early may be effective to reverse the disease process. Early detection, suspicion of the possibility of stress myopathy, or provisional diagnosis thereof, enable prophylaxis and/or prompt treatment, leading to a better prognosis. The insidious and relentless progression of the condition means that aggressive and persistent treatment are essential. Unfortunately there is still a significant mortality and morbidity associated with stress myopathy. Kangaroos are particularly susceptible to this condition, and our experience suggests that it more common than previously thought. There seems to be an individual variation in the degree of susceptibility. 

Thank you Auntie Pauline for your quick diagnosis when Mummy called you, so I could be given the right treatment straight away.


Mummy and Joslyn came to visit me.  I love it when they visit because they bring me strawberries, Albany Woolly Bush and my favourite bread.  Everything gets shared around and all my new friends get a treat as well.  I came out of my enclosure so I could show Mummy that I could jump again.  I am getting better slowly but still get so tired.  I have a lot of fun with Rocket and hang out with him most of the time.

We still don't know if I will ever get completely better but Auntie Pauline says I have a home here as long I want or need it.  We have had quite a bit of rain recently and I am loving the green grass.

Thank you for visiting Mummy, I loved having my nose cuddles.  I know Josie hasn't come home and I know how much you miss her.  I miss her too.

Sammie Jo at Dreamers Dream


Mummy and Joslyn came to visit me yesterday.  It was so good to see them and not just for the bucket full of tasty treats they brought me.  Blackberries, blackberry leaves, bamboo leaves, Albany Wooly Bush, apples and lots more, which all the kids in care shared with me.   I am getting stronger every day, thanks to Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev's care. I am getting medication, oil and lots of massages.  The massages feel so good I usually fall asleep.  Before Mummy came I had been on a big run.  My first one in 4 weeks.  I raced around the house and paddock.  Aunty Pauline was watching me really careful to see if I slipped of fell over but I didn't.  It felt so good to race and stretch out my legs.  When I got back into my enclosure, the gate that separates the two was opened and I could see all the other kangaroos just laying around.  I wandered over and joined them in the shade.  There was Lily, Straya, Kaydee and Kaycee.  One of them has a baby who has its head popping out the pouch.  It was fun just hanging with the other kids.  I was really exhausted when Mummy came to say Hi and couldn't really get up, but she was so happy to see me.  We had hugs and cuddles, Mummy sat in the dirt with me and it was nice to be together.  Like old times.  Mummy did want to pick me up and put me on her lap, but I didn't like that.  "not in front of all my new friends please Mummy" .  Mummy was a bit sad because my sister Josie has gone missing.  She didn't want to come in on Thursday night and left without saying good bye.  Mummy is not sure if she has found a kangaroo mob to live with or if she has managed to get herself lost.  I missed seeing her this afternoon.  I hope she comes home soon to reassure Mummy she is OK.  

I will continue to live at Dreamers Dream for now.  It is the best place for me to ensure I get the proper care.  I need room to run but I also need the safety of fences so I don't get out and get hurt again.  Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev love me and take good care of me and its fun having lots of new sisters and a couple of brothers to spend time with.  

Thank you Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev for giving me a safe place to get better and looking after me with loads of love and care.


I have been spending a lot of time babysitting my little sister Josie.  This also means I get my bottles and guests feed me yummy snacks.  I spend a lot of time in the office just sleeping on the floor.  I love getting my cuddles, though I am getting a bit big to be on Mummies lap.  It still happens sometimes.  Last week I had been gone for 5 days and nights and Mummy was getting a bit worried.  Mummy was coming down the hill with Josie for her morning walk and saw me standing there with my new beau.  He didn't stay around to chat but took off into the bush. Mummy has named him Marco.

On Saturday I knew both my Mummies needed me.  My gorgeous human granddad passed away.  He always joked he was the only granddad in the USA with kangaroo grand daughters.  I Skyped with him a few times and we got to chat.  My mummies needed my hugs and cuddles and didn't need the added stress of not knowing where I was.  

Mummy knows that I am a very sensitive girl.  Today it is a very rainy stormy day so its nice just to hang inside.



I have been out and about enjoying the great outdoors and hanging with some new friends. Sunday afternoon I saw Joslyn and Mum traipsing through the paddocks, jumping over creeks, negotiating electric and barb wire fences and avoiding snakes.  I was with my new friends, so it was kinda embarrassing.  They got scared and took off into the distance and I followed them, hoping Mummy didn't know I was part of the mob.  We all look the same so it it a bit hard to tell. If you are a human reading this imagine having fun with your mates at the night club and your parents show up to take you home? Not sure if I will ever live this down.

The next morning I was enjoying my breakfast when I heard Mummy calling.  I was all by myself this morning and it was a bit lonely.  I waited for Mummy to come close and it felt so nice to hear her voice again.  She asked me if I wanted to come home and have a bottle.  The magic word 'bottle ' I would do almost anything for that.  I followed Mum for awhile but after getting through the last fence I raced on ahead making sure Mummy was following me.  

I enjoyed my bottle and fresh fruit scraps, some kangaroo muesli and got a long cuddle from Mummy.  We Skyped with Doug, Johnnie, Sam and Pa (Pa hadn't met me before.  You know he is the only Granddad in America with a kangaroo grand daughter?) Josie is so happy to have me around as well.  She has this big smile on her face.  

I had a great day yesterday and answered the call of the wild again at 5pm but was back again this morning.  After all how do I face my new wild friends when they know Mummy comes and looks for me and I give in for a bottle??  Not sure if I can ever live that one down.  

Sammie is back at HideAway Haven


I gave my Mummy's quite a scare during the last week. Last week I stayed out for 2 nights and a whole day and this week I stayed away for 3 nights and 2 days.  The call of the wild was calling and I went off to do what big kangaroos do.  I know Mummy understands, but she loves me and worries about me.  So I came back to reassure her that I am fine.  It was nice to get a few bottles again, some cuddles and hugs and a nice long undisturbed sleep.  Josie was really happy to see me again as well.  I know Mummy will worry tonight as I head off answering the call of the wild, but I am a wild animal and need to do what wild animals do.  


My Mummy is always reading to make sure she is doing what is best for me.  It's hard because not a lot of people know about Kangaroos, our social and family life.  She came across a website a few days ago with a lot of information.  It is called 'The truth about Kangaroos'and was written by someone who has observed kangaroos for over 35 years.  

The Australian Society for Kangaroos endeavours to represent all species of kangaroos and wallabies across Australia and internationally, and protect them from unnecessary suffering, killing, orphaning and extinction.  

Mummy has been worried that I might be missing my family but on this website she read  that female joeys will always stay with their matriarchal blood lines. If they are separated from that line they will become solitary.  I was separated from my Mummy when she was killed and I needed to be looked after.  My Mummy raised me from a little baby and even if I was put back into the bush, I would still be a solitary kangaroo. She would never put me back where I came from, because the people that own that land, cull kangaroos and I could be the next one killed. Here I have a home, people who really love me and put up with me when I have a grumpy day, I have so much space to run, jump, hop, play and hide.  I am happy here until I have my own baby and will start my own mob.  Now I have Josie to play with and teach her kangaroo ways.  

Everyone is doing selfies - so here is mine, what do you think?


I am loving having a sister now. Her name is Josie. She is so little and I am teaching her kangaroo things.  She hasn't learnt how to lay down yet.  We have such long legs it is quite difficult to lay down gracefully, so we just sorta fall into position.  She loves watching me just jump over the fence of her enclosure.  She is still too little to venture out on her own.  My Mummies and big sis Joslyn sit outside a lot now watching Josie which means I get lots of cuddles and fruit/vegie treats.  Josie has been a very sick little girl but she is getting better  and loves grazing in the yard.


It's been a while since I wrote in my diary.  I am now on kangaroo hours, which means I am out all night and in during the day.  So I can't sneak on the computer anymore to write in my diary.  I do miss my night time cuddles, so last week when the grand finals were on I cuddled on Mummies lap for more than 2 hours and slept through the whole match.  Seems like I didn't really miss anything.  
My Mummies have been very clever and made me a really nice shelter for night times when I come home, it is warm and cosy, full of comfy pillows and my blankets.  I like cuddling in there some nights.
Mummy weighed me yesterday and I am 14.2kg.  Mummy is finding it harder to pick me up now.  I now have 2 sisters, my baby sis Josie who weighs just 3kg and my big sis Joslyn who has just moved back to Albany after living in The Netherlands.  Josie and I kinda get along but she can be annoying at times.  I love sleeping and she keeps jumping on top of me.  Joslyn is a cool sis, she gives me my bottle and loves feeding me apples and strawberries.  She also sneaks me leaves from the rosebush and vegie garden.  Hope Mummy doesn't catch on when she realises the rose bush is not growing anymore.


When my Mummies went to the Telstra Awards, the keynote speaker was Carolyn Creswell who is the founder of Carman's Muesli.  Mummy said she was a really awesome inspirational speaker and they met her after the award ceremony.   I love Carman's Muesli, I get it on my snack plate every night.  I don't like the one with the fruit but the love the ones with seeds and nuts.  So I had to have my photo taken yesterday so we could sent it off to Carmen's.

This is written on Carman's webpage by Carolyn :-

It was 20 years ago that I bought a small muesli business for $1,000.  I had no experience, no formal business training and very little money, but what I did have was the passion to make it a success.  Twenty years on, I am as shocked as anyone of the incredible success Carman’s has become.  With reaching this milestone, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.  It is with gratitude in my heart that I have watched my little Australian business grow and I know it is all because of you, our loyal customers.

Now you can add Sammie Jo and her Mummies to your list of loyal customers :-)  



My Mummies went to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  I am too big now to come along, so I went to stay at Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev's place.  I got to play with Lily.  As I am an only 'child' (the cats don't count)  I did get a bit jealous when Auntie Pauline was giving Lily some attention. It was nice to see some one else with big long legs and a long tail and share a drink from the same bowl.  Mummy is hoping to get me a sister to play with, but I am not so sure that's a good idea.  I like having my Mummies all to my self.

I was really spoilt and allowed to stay inside. I even managed a flying leap over the couch.  That was fun!!   Auntie Pauline played with me and I got so tired, I was fast asleep in my bed when my Mummies came to get me.


I am so proud of my Mummies.  They are finalists in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.  They are in 2 categories, which gives them two chances to win.  I am too big now to go with them, so I am going to Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitors.  It will be nice to see them again (sshhhh Auntie Pauline gives me mangoes and shares her cup of tea with me) and hopefully the weather will be nice so I can play with Lilly.  You can see how big I am now in this photo.  It is really handy being so tall coz I can take things off the counter when Mummy isn't looking.


I am getting a little more independent, wandering a little further from home.  A few times Mummy has had to coax me from the Cameron's back yard.  It is so nice there, so peaceful and quiet.  Lots of big trees and green grass.  But Mummy is scared I will fall into the creek again.  I will always find my way home again though, because my Mummies leave on all the lights and floodlights so it is bright and light.  I come in at about 6:30 now for my snack and then lie in front of the fire. Then it is cuddle time and off to bed.  Mummy loves her cuddle time with me at night.  I am glad I don't have to sleep outside in the winter.


I am now officially a big girl.  At 10kg I am all grown up.  I don't need my bottle any-more and I don't need cuddles any more, I don't need to be a wrapped up and hanging in my pouch at night.


I love my bottles and my cuddles and being inside.  On days when it is cold and rainy and windy, why would I want to be a big girl.  I know how to put on my 'I am lonely' little girl look and Mummy brings me inside.

I like keeping Mummy (I know I am a big girl and should say Mum) company when she goes for her walk, but seriously up and down the fire break twice a day.  Sometimes I just take off and wait in the back yard for her.  I let her think that she is doing it for me.

Look at the photo...am I a big girl? do I look ready to give up my bottle yet?

Sammie Jo Orphan Joey at HideAway Haven


Last weekend my Mummies went to Adelaide for the National Qantas Tourism Awards.  I was so proud of them for being finalists.  I went to stay with Auntie Pauline in Mount Barker.  I was so terribly spoiled.  The weather was really bad and it rained a lot, so I got to stay inside and watch the cats outside.  I did get to meet some other joey's and it was nice to see I am not the only one in the world with these long legs.  Auntie Pauline made me this really cool bed.  Now I get to hang in the kitchen when Mummy is making breakfast without the danger of being stood on.  I love spending hours in there especially when the weather is not nice.  I don't like the cold and rain, now I get to hang inside.  Thank you Auntie Pauline I love my bed.

 A big thank you for taking such good care of me and for taking such awesome loving care of so many wildlife who have been injured or are orphans.  You do do amazing work at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitation.  Thank you for caring and sharing your home and life with such passion and generosity.

Last night I got to meet my grand dad in America.  He is pretty proud to be probably the only grand dad in America with a kangaroo grand daughter.  

Here is a photo of me hanging in my new bed and having a sibling moment with Cody.


I have become the new hostess at HideAway Haven, welcoming our guests when they come to the door.  They LOVE it!!  

I am growing fast already weighing 7 kgs.  My Mummies are trying to work out how they can get me to sleep outside or in the garage, but I am not going to agree with that one.  It's dark and I can't see and in the winter it will be cold.  I love my basket in the office.

Mummy is still taking me for runs on the block next door and she picks blackberries for me.  I love them!!   

My back yard is a safe place again and the gate is always open during the day, so I can come and go as I please.  It's nice to find different places to graze.