Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

Welcome to my new sisters JoJo and KRoo

I am still running free at Dreamers Dream in Mount Barker.  I have the best of both worlds, being able to stay out in the wild or come home for some TLC and extra food if I want to.  I have a big family, with more brothers and sisters being added.  At HideAway Haven my Mummies have been looking after other babies, taking care and raising them until they are old enough to come and live with me.

JoJo on the left hanging with KRoo

JoJo on the left hanging with KRoo

The last couple of months they have looked after Jaxz, Bella, Roobee and Ellie and yesterday they welcomed JoJo (2.7kg) and KRoo (3.3kg) after they became orphans.  

It is important to provide orphaned joeys with the best care possible in the first 24 hours that they are in care, as this is the most critical time in their rehabilitation. The initial emergency care that the joey receives will have a huge impact not only on the joey's survival but also on its chances for release.  My Mummies know how to do that and my Auntie Pauline is always on hand to give advice and support.  She has been doing it for so many years. 

Wildlife carers make a huge commitment, financially, emotionally and in time and resources. For the welfare of the joey, they ensure that they are well prepared for the commitment.  

Wildlife carers need to raise joeys properly to ensure their survival, not just throughout care, but also after release.  They know that raising a joey as a pet is not acceptable; they are entitled to their true life. They are the keepers and carers for a short period of our lives, usually due to human caused intervention with their mothers, by car, dog, shooting or habitat loss. They do everything in their power to give us the best possible chance and duplicate the life we would have had with our natural mother to the best of their abilities.

The decision to hand raise a joey is only be taken if there is a reasonable chance of success and if there is a place for the animal to go when it is time for release.  All of my Mummies joeys go to live with Uncle Kev and Auntie Pauline at Dreamers Dream in Mount Barker.