Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

New name for an old blog page

We have changed the page from Sammie Jo's Diary to Wildlife in Care.  Sammie Jo is running free at Dreamers Dream with both KRoo and JoJo.  Such a blessing to know they are safe and have a loving home to go to should they need to - which is actually every morning for breakfast and afternoon for dinner.

We also have a ring tail possum in care. We have named him Pax.  He came to us with his Mummy who was very sick.  Sadly she passed away shortly after.  Pax was just 190 grams and today he is 904 grams and we are planning for his release.  We will release him at HideAway Haven as there are other ring tail possums here including Phoebe who was released last year.

Pax a critically endangered Western Ring Tail Possum in care at HideAway Haven

We also have Rosie and Abbey, 2 orphan joeys who came to us via Bridgetown.  They have been in care since pinky stage and now we have the priveledge of caring for them until their next stage.  They have been with us for 5 weeks and are settling in really well.  As highly sensitive babies and easily stressed they have't intereacted with guests yet, but we are hopeful that as they get older many of our guests will experience the sheer joy of a cuddle with the girls.

RosieAbbey in care at HideAway Haven