Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

JJ and Roona

 Last week I took 2 pinkies into care JJ (Joyful Joey) 250 grams and Roona (JOY) 370 grams. Neither of them made it but they will live in my heart forever. I never really wanted to do pinkies but they chose me and I will forever be their human Mum. RIP babies of mine, I am so sorry I couldn't give you the Joy I so badly wanted for you both. Run free and wild beautiful babies with RooBee

Love what another carer wrote on our page  Jowajilla Stories and Tales

Every time we are chosen we are blessed. Every time we are blessed we become part of the life line of another sentient.
Our task is to create a point where they feel unalone, as they take their next step.
Even if we as carers are not the deliverer of their transition, we are responsible for it being a space of warmth and no fear. A point where we become the hand of the Earth Mother, and her touch is in us and with us. We, carers, become in that moment, the fourth element of life. Earth. We become the energy that transforms their living bodies into the spirit which continues.
In becoming the fourth element we achieve the Earth Mother's intent for us.
Namasté Maggie and all of us as deliverers. 
We are charged by she whose will we follow to do our best with the skills we are given and which we develop in concert with our fellow carers. 
Know always, she knows what we are able to do and chooses us according to the needs of her little ones. Our skills are part of her decision in making her choice.