Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

Born Free - now time to Run Free my baby girl

Sammie will not be writing diary entries any more but I will keep you up to date as we hear news of her freedom.

Sammie has decided she is well enough now to be with the big kids, doesn't want her bottles any more and wants to be out all night.

Through months of rehabilitation and hours of massages and loving wonderful care from Pauline and Kev at Dreamers Dream, Sammie recuperated and healed from her myopathy.  It was Sammie's decision to leave and run free.  I believe that during our last visit Sammie was saying goodbye.  Sammie cuddled up on my lap after her bottle and fell asleep on my lap with her face snuggled into my neck.  She was very affectionate that day like I haven't experienced in a long time.  I didn't know that was our goodbye.

It was always our intention to release Sammie into the farmland near us and we hoped that Sammie Jo would come and visit.  We have learnt so much about kangaroos and 'their' families, we are thankful that she is at Dreamers Dream.  There are so many other orphan kangaroos there that have now become Sammie's family.  They all take care of each other, run together and stay close to each other.  Sammie would not have had that here.

We are looking forward to raising another baby where there is a need, but at 8 - 10kg they will go and live at Dreamers Dream and become part of the mob that live there.

Am I sad that Sammie is running free?  Part of me is and Sammie Jo will always hold a very special place in my heart, but there is another part of me that is so proud of what we have accomplished here at HideAway Haven.  We saved Sammie's life on several occasions and now our beautiful girl is running free. 

We have established a special friendship with Pauline and Kev and will always support the wonderful work they do taking care of orphaned and injured wildlife.  We hope that during our visits we will catch a glimpse of Sammie as she is enjoying her new freedom.  And who knows maybe one day we will become fur grand Mummy's


Both my Mummies came to visit me again.  This time we stayed in the enclosure with all my other sisters and 2 brothers with us.  There were 11 all together.  My Mummies really loved hanging out with my new family.  They brought along lots of Albany Woolly Bush which I shared with everyone.  There were also some strawberries and bread but only Straya and me liked those.

Mummy pick me up and cuddled me on her lap, like she always did when I was still living at HideAway Haven.  It felt so good and so safe and warm.  I snuggled my head into Mummy's neck and promptly fell asleep.  A loud noise woke me up and I could see tears in both my Mummies eyes, it was a very special moment for all of us.  I know how much they love me and miss me and am so glad that they visit me lots.  

Mummy gave me my bottle and then Rocket wanted his bottle so Mummy was feeding us both.  Then it was time for Holly but she was too busy playing to stop for her bottle.  KayDee's baby 'Rooben' came out of the pouch.  Not sure how he fits in there anymore.

I am getting stronger every day and I have been out with the big kids now during the night.  I know Auntie Pauline worries about me, so I make sure that I knock on her bedroom at about 4:30am just to let her know that I am back and am safe.  I think she appreciates that.

Sammie Orphaned Joey HideAway Haven rescue


Happy Mother's Day


Thanks for taking care of me and loving me

until I can take care of myself, 

which might be a while from now.

Wishing you all the joy, care and love you all deserve on this special day! Without your love and care I wouldn't be here today.  It might take a long time to become a wild child again and maybe I will never grow big and strong, but with so much love in my life, with so many sisters, a couple of brothers and some babies who need looking after, I am happy and content.

Thank you Mummy for taking care of me and saving me when my Mummy was killed and I was just a tiny baby.  Then when I cut my foot so badly and rescuing me when I suffered myopathy after a dog chased me.  Thank you for taking in Josie and raising her till she decided to go be with other wild kangaroos.

Thank you Auntie Pauline for being a Mummy to so many fur kids.  Without you so many would have died or suffered.  Thank you for being up through the night to feed the babies, who when very small are often in need of being fed every couple of hours. You are an inspiration to us all with your dedication and commitment to help wildlife in need. 

Thank you to my sister Joslyn for being Mummy to Phoebe a ring tail possum who is now living the life of a wild child at night and spending her days safely and warmly in her pouch.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wildlife carers. Without you so many would die after being orphaned or injured. We know you can't save them all but thank you for allowing those that can't be saved, a safe warm heart and home to pass away in.

Here is a photo of me when I was still very little and still living at home with my Mummies.