Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Mummy and Joslyn came to visit me yesterday.  It was so good to see them and not just for the bucket full of tasty treats they brought me.  Blackberries, blackberry leaves, bamboo leaves, Albany Wooly Bush, apples and lots more, which all the kids in care shared with me.   I am getting stronger every day, thanks to Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev's care. I am getting medication, oil and lots of massages.  The massages feel so good I usually fall asleep.  Before Mummy came I had been on a big run.  My first one in 4 weeks.  I raced around the house and paddock.  Aunty Pauline was watching me really careful to see if I slipped of fell over but I didn't.  It felt so good to race and stretch out my legs.  When I got back into my enclosure, the gate that separates the two was opened and I could see all the other kangaroos just laying around.  I wandered over and joined them in the shade.  There was Lily, Straya, Kaydee and Kaycee.  One of them has a baby who has its head popping out the pouch.  It was fun just hanging with the other kids.  I was really exhausted when Mummy came to say Hi and couldn't really get up, but she was so happy to see me.  We had hugs and cuddles, Mummy sat in the dirt with me and it was nice to be together.  Like old times.  Mummy did want to pick me up and put me on her lap, but I didn't like that.  "not in front of all my new friends please Mummy" .  Mummy was a bit sad because my sister Josie has gone missing.  She didn't want to come in on Thursday night and left without saying good bye.  Mummy is not sure if she has found a kangaroo mob to live with or if she has managed to get herself lost.  I missed seeing her this afternoon.  I hope she comes home soon to reassure Mummy she is OK.  

I will continue to live at Dreamers Dream for now.  It is the best place for me to ensure I get the proper care.  I need room to run but I also need the safety of fences so I don't get out and get hurt again.  Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev love me and take good care of me and its fun having lots of new sisters and a couple of brothers to spend time with.  

Thank you Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev for giving me a safe place to get better and looking after me with loads of love and care.

A visit to see Sammie Jo by Josie

Hello Josie here,

Guess what, I saw Sammie Jo yesterday! Mummy and Joslyn brought me to go see her. Sammie is just as cranky as ever. We had a snack and played in the dirt for awhile

I got to race around with Rocket in the backyard and got some treats from Aunty Pauline.

It was so great to see Sammie again. But you can see she is still very sick. It is so sad to see her looking so skinny and moving so slowly when she used to have big leg muscles and be so quick.

Mummy and my sister brought home the funniest looking thing the other day, I completely forgot to tell you about it.

They call her Phoebe. I heard them say she is a Ring Tail Possum who weighs 400gm. She is a funny looking thing. Really little. She wants to be my friend but I am not so interested at the moment. 

Meeting Phoebe

Hello Josie here

It has been a long couple of weeks since we have checked in, and a lot has happened to Sammie Jo and me.

My mummy says Sammie Jo is sick and has to stay with Aunty Pauline and Uncle Kev. She said that she has something called Myopathy because a dog chased her and she got stuck in a fence. I am not sure what Myopathy is but I have seen what it is doing to Sammie and it’s not good.

When Sammie first got sick all she could do was lay down, she couldn’t even get up to go to the toilet or to have a snack. But my mummies looked after her and gave her lots of cuddles and love. When Sammie wasn’t getting any better they call the Doctor, Anne Marie, to come and have a look at her. Anne Marie told us that this was not the place for Sammie to get better. So Mummy and my sister Joslyn brought Sammie to Aunty Pauline.

I do still really miss her and I hope that she is ok.

Here I am looking at Sammie Jo as she is unable to move.