Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Yay summer is here, no more muddy feet and tail for me.  I have been staying away again, this wild thing keeps calling me.  I think I heard Mummy calling me yesterday afternoon, but I was too tired to get up as I had been up for the last 2 nights.

I came home this morning and woke everyone up at 5am by bouncing on the deck.  The noise carries all the way around the house.  I was rewarded with 2 bottles of milk and I looked after Josie for a couple of hours so Mummy could do some gardening.

Mummy was sitting out the back with Josie and me at about 7:15 and she heard footsteps on the deck outside the front door.  She went to check it out and there was a huge male kangaroo standing there.  I did tell him that if wanted to date me, he needed to ask Mummy first if it was OK.  So proud of him that he came to the front door.  He saw Mummy and took off down the driveway, slipping and then falling on the loose gravel.  That was not the plan.  He raced down the hill and flew over the fence and Joslyn saw him take off into the distance.

Auntie Pauline did try to warn Mummy that a male kangaroo would find me and he has.  Stay tuned for more adventures.


The call of the wild called me again and I left home to answer it.  It was my third morning in the wild when I hear my Mummy calling me.  She had come looking for me, climbing over electric fences and gates, walking through creeks and past some rather friendly cows.  So I answered my Mummy with my call.  She sounded so excited to hear me.  We couldn't see each other yet, but we kept calling to each other.  Finally Mummy saw me and climbed over a fence through a creek bed and over another fence.  'Sammie Jo' she said 'how am I going to get you home?' I didn't go straight to her for cuddles coz I needed to show her the way home.  I led the way and showed how to get over a fence (non electric) and through the paddocks till we were close to home.  Then we had our cuddles and I held Mummy's hand till we got home.  I had a yummy bottle of warm milk and Joslyn removed all my ticks.  I have stayed close to home and am getting lots of night time cuddles now.  Not sure what I was thinking!!  I am helping out by taking care of Josie when she is outside, enjoying my bottles and snacks and of course lots of attention.

Auntie Pauline from Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is always a such a huge support and comfort to my Mummies when they worry about me.  Mummy knows I might find a mob I will want to stay with one day and I know she understands that.  I know she will always be there when I need her.  Auntie Pauline tells Mummy she has done a fantastic job of raising me but now I need to decide now where I want to live.


I gave my Mummy's quite a scare during the last week. Last week I stayed out for 2 nights and a whole day and this week I stayed away for 3 nights and 2 days.  The call of the wild was calling and I went off to do what big kangaroos do.  I know Mummy understands, but she loves me and worries about me.  So I came back to reassure her that I am fine.  It was nice to get a few bottles again, some cuddles and hugs and a nice long undisturbed sleep.  Josie was really happy to see me again as well.  I know Mummy will worry tonight as I head off answering the call of the wild, but I am a wild animal and need to do what wild animals do.  


This being a big sister is work!!  Yesterday Mummy took me and Josie down the hill for about an hour.  It was beautiful and peaceful, with just the sounds of the birds.  We spent time grazing and resting in the filtered sunlight.  When it was time to go back up the top, Josie took off.  Mummy hoped she would follow, but she didn't and raced into the bush.  Mummy couldn't find her anywhere.  She looked over the fence and saw me in the distance, she didn't realise that I was keeping an eye on Josie.  The undergrowth is quite high and Josie is just a little girl.  After about 15 mins of joey sitting, Mummy came walking towards me.  She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Josie.  Josie got ready to run away again, so I pushed my nose into her backside and pushed her towards home, but she raced off again.  She flew up and down the track having great fun.  I kept an eye on her to make sure she stayed safe.  Then she raced off and came back on a different track and Mummy scooped her up in the bag.  I didn't see her come back and when I couldn't see her anymore I thundered up the track ready to bring her home.  But I couldn't see her anywhere, I looked and stretched out my neck as far as I could, standing on my tip toes.  (I'm pretty big when I do that) but couldn't see her.  Then Mummy walked towards me to show me that Josie was safely in her bag.  Then it was my turn, I danced and flew up and down the track, I love those times.  

Mummy was so happy and proud of me that I got some extra special treats and a huge long cuddle on her lap.


My Mummy is always reading to make sure she is doing what is best for me.  It's hard because not a lot of people know about Kangaroos, our social and family life.  She came across a website a few days ago with a lot of information.  It is called 'The truth about Kangaroos'and was written by someone who has observed kangaroos for over 35 years.  

The Australian Society for Kangaroos endeavours to represent all species of kangaroos and wallabies across Australia and internationally, and protect them from unnecessary suffering, killing, orphaning and extinction.  

Mummy has been worried that I might be missing my family but on this website she read  that female joeys will always stay with their matriarchal blood lines. If they are separated from that line they will become solitary.  I was separated from my Mummy when she was killed and I needed to be looked after.  My Mummy raised me from a little baby and even if I was put back into the bush, I would still be a solitary kangaroo. She would never put me back where I came from, because the people that own that land, cull kangaroos and I could be the next one killed. Here I have a home, people who really love me and put up with me when I have a grumpy day, I have so much space to run, jump, hop, play and hide.  I am happy here until I have my own baby and will start my own mob.  Now I have Josie to play with and teach her kangaroo ways.  

Everyone is doing selfies - so here is mine, what do you think?


There are lots of benefits having a baby sister.  Mummy takes her to the bottom of the block now so she can run around.  That means I have company outside now.  This morning though I wanted Mummy all to myself so I growled at Josie and told her to stay in the backyard.  But just like a little sis, she ignored me and came anyway.  It is a lot of fun racing up and down with Josie, both of us stretching our kangaroo legs and clicking our heels in the air., then racing through the bush and back into the backyard.  Josie follows me everywhere so I am a good big sister and make sure she doesn't wander off to far.  

It's fun just laying in the backyard in the afternoon, with everyone outside enjoying the sunshine.  My favourite part of the day, then at 5:30 I leave and become a big kangaroo.


Hi everyone this is Josie.  I am sneaking a post in Sammie Jo's diary while she is busy being a kangaroo.  She is a beautiful big sister.  I came to live at HideAway Haven on 29 August, so have been here for a bout 7 weeks now.  The first 2 weeks were fine and then I got pretty sick.  For about 4 weeks I have had bad diarrhoea and was making my bed wet and dirty.  Mummy kept having to wash me because I was dirty and smelled so bad.  Last Sunday I was so sick Mummy thought I was going to die.  I had a vacant look in my eyes, a faraway look.  I got lots of cuddles and slept next to Mummy that night.  Every-time she touched me through the night, I would lick her hand to reassure her I was ok.  Mummy made an appt at the vet to see Annemarie who has looked after Sammie.  She has a real love for joeys and knows a lot.  Mummy got some sterile jars and swabs to take some stool samples.  She changed the strength of my formula and started giving me less.  Since then I have been feeling so much better and happier.  Yesterday everyone was very excited because I had pellets.  I had my first big run today with Sammie Jo, that was a lot of fun.

Me with my faraway eyes


I am loving having a sister now. Her name is Josie. She is so little and I am teaching her kangaroo things.  She hasn't learnt how to lay down yet.  We have such long legs it is quite difficult to lay down gracefully, so we just sorta fall into position.  She loves watching me just jump over the fence of her enclosure.  She is still too little to venture out on her own.  My Mummies and big sis Joslyn sit outside a lot now watching Josie which means I get lots of cuddles and fruit/vegie treats.  Josie has been a very sick little girl but she is getting better  and loves grazing in the yard.


I am not sure that I like this being a big girl on kangaroo time.  Everyone sits outside now in the late afternoon, so Josie can play in the back yard.  I love being there but at about 5:30 I ask to leave the backyard.  Mummy opens the gate and I very reluctantly leave down the path into the bush to do my kangaroo thingy.  It makes me kinda sad that I am not Mummy's baby girl anymore and that I need to be a big kangaroo.  I can hear that Mummy is sad as well when she says bye Sammie Jo, take care and see you in the morning baby girl.  I really love my warm bottle in the morning at 6am and then I hang around the house for the rest of the day, playing with Josie and sleeping on the floor.


It's been a while since I wrote in my diary.  I am now on kangaroo hours, which means I am out all night and in during the day.  So I can't sneak on the computer anymore to write in my diary.  I do miss my night time cuddles, so last week when the grand finals were on I cuddled on Mummies lap for more than 2 hours and slept through the whole match.  Seems like I didn't really miss anything.  
My Mummies have been very clever and made me a really nice shelter for night times when I come home, it is warm and cosy, full of comfy pillows and my blankets.  I like cuddling in there some nights.
Mummy weighed me yesterday and I am 14.2kg.  Mummy is finding it harder to pick me up now.  I now have 2 sisters, my baby sis Josie who weighs just 3kg and my big sis Joslyn who has just moved back to Albany after living in The Netherlands.  Josie and I kinda get along but she can be annoying at times.  I love sleeping and she keeps jumping on top of me.  Joslyn is a cool sis, she gives me my bottle and loves feeding me apples and strawberries.  She also sneaks me leaves from the rosebush and vegie garden.  Hope Mummy doesn't catch on when she realises the rose bush is not growing anymore.


I am now on kangaroo time.  I stay out all night and during the day I sleep in the back yard or the office.  I am too big for my pouch and don't want to be inside during the night anymore.  My last bottle of the day is at about 4pm and then my day as a kangaroo really starts, but at 6am I am home again in time for my bottle.  I know Mummy misses giving me cuddles at night before bed time and worries about me being out all night, but she knows I am a big girl now and need to take care of myself.  I give her lots of cuddles during the day now.  I am so tired though!!

Sleepy Sammie Jo HideAway Haven luxury in Albany


I am getting used to having Shannon around.  Today I stretched out on the office floor while Mummy gave Shannon her bottle.  That was until a huge Currawong flew into the house chased by Cody and scared all of us, including Mummy.  She raced outside and together with Mommy and Auntie Sharryl and the mop we got the bird back out of the house.  I got really scared and raced around the house, but Shannon just kept drinking her bottle.  I kinda like Shannon and have given her a couple of kisses on the nose.


OK so now my Mummies have taken another baby into my home.  Her name is Shannon and I am not too impressed.  She hangs on my pouch frame, though not in my pouch, she does have her own, but she is hanging in the office and that is MY space.  I am not going in there until she goes.  It's OK if she is with us at night and I still get my cuddles.  Right now I still get my bottle before Shannon and my night time cuddles before her as well.  Not sure how long she will be here, but her Mummy is in hospital and my Mummies are just looking after her.  She is kinda sweet though.  I used to be that small once.


Last week I came home and was trailing blood all over the floor.  I had a big gash in my foot.  Mummy tried to keep it clean and kept me inside for a couple of days, until she thought it was all healed.  This morning I couldn't hop or walk, just shuffle along the floor.  The my foot got all swollen and hot.  My mummy's took me to the vet and I had x-rays and it showed a bad infection.  I have anitbiotics  that have to be injected into me.  Mummy was not going to do it, so luckily Mommy had the vet teach her how to do it.  My foot is all wrapped up in a poultice and I have to stay quiet and keep it clean.  Good news is though the vet said I could have an extra bottle during the day while I am healing.  I now weigh 12.6kg.  I was a really good girl at the vet and got a treat when I got home.  I know it had rescue remedy on it :-)  wonder if Mummy finished the rest of the bottle.


My Mommy's family came to visit us from America.  I finally got to meet Sam whom I was named after.  It has been a very busy crazy time and on a couple of days everyone was gone a really long time and I was home all by myself.  But when they came home I was rewarded for being so good and understanding with lots of special treats and loads of cuddles by everyone.  They left yesterday and I am so sad.  I sat under the washing line, where their clothes were hanging, all day and the only thing I got happy about was my bottle.  I didn't even want to come for Mummy hugs and cuddles. Mummy carried me inside into the office but I bolted right back outside again in case they had come back. Doug, Johnnie and Sam had become part of my pack and now they have gone and I miss them so much.

Thank you for coming to visit and spend time with my family,it was a very happy time.  I loved all my cuddles, attention and the special treats fed to me by hand.  I am really missing you all and my Mummy's are sad too.


Mummy was telling Auntie Pauline that they met Carolyn Creswell from Carman's Muesli and told her that I love her muesli.  Pauline says that she always feeds her kids (meaning her rescued animals and birds) Carman's  muesli as well and even keeps muesli bars in her handbag so when they go pick up an injured joey, bandicoot, eagle, possum, parrot she always has something to feed them in car on the way to their new home.  When her and Uncle Kev are driving they sometimes see a dead kangaroo on the side of the road and there might be a live joey inside the pouch.  They take the joey home and look after it until it is old enough to be released.  They have a big property so they never go far.  We are lucky in the Albany Region to have Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev who love wildlife so much, they have given their life to taking care of us. I love going to visit when my Mummies go away and I get to play with Lily.

Look them up on facebook at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitators .  Maybe when Carman's has a spare box or an out of date one you can send it to Dreamers and tell them Sammie sent it :-)

Mummy went out yesterday and bought me some muesli bars.  OMG they are so yummy, but very sticky.  They stuck to the floor and in my teeth.  Hope I get some of these everyday now.


When my Mummies went to the Telstra Awards, the keynote speaker was Carolyn Creswell who is the founder of Carman's Muesli.  Mummy said she was a really awesome inspirational speaker and they met her after the award ceremony.   I love Carman's Muesli, I get it on my snack plate every night.  I don't like the one with the fruit but the love the ones with seeds and nuts.  So I had to have my photo taken yesterday so we could sent it off to Carmen's.

This is written on Carman's webpage by Carolyn :-

It was 20 years ago that I bought a small muesli business for $1,000.  I had no experience, no formal business training and very little money, but what I did have was the passion to make it a success.  Twenty years on, I am as shocked as anyone of the incredible success Carman’s has become.  With reaching this milestone, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us on this amazing journey.  It is with gratitude in my heart that I have watched my little Australian business grow and I know it is all because of you, our loyal customers.

Now you can add Sammie Jo and her Mummies to your list of loyal customers :-)  



My Mummies went to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  I am too big now to come along, so I went to stay at Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev's place.  I got to play with Lily.  As I am an only 'child' (the cats don't count)  I did get a bit jealous when Auntie Pauline was giving Lily some attention. It was nice to see some one else with big long legs and a long tail and share a drink from the same bowl.  Mummy is hoping to get me a sister to play with, but I am not so sure that's a good idea.  I like having my Mummies all to my self.

I was really spoilt and allowed to stay inside. I even managed a flying leap over the couch.  That was fun!!   Auntie Pauline played with me and I got so tired, I was fast asleep in my bed when my Mummies came to get me.


I am so proud of my Mummies.  They are finalists in the 2015 Telstra Business Awards.  They are in 2 categories, which gives them two chances to win.  I am too big now to go with them, so I am going to Auntie Pauline and Uncle Kev at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitors.  It will be nice to see them again (sshhhh Auntie Pauline gives me mangoes and shares her cup of tea with me) and hopefully the weather will be nice so I can play with Lilly.  You can see how big I am now in this photo.  It is really handy being so tall coz I can take things off the counter when Mummy isn't looking.


My Mummies hosted a gourmet breakfast and served some yummy waffles to raise money for my new friend Nicola.  To raise some extra money, I said it was ok if someone paid money to give me my bottle.  Charli donated $10 and I liked her giving me my bottle coz she was so gentle and she stroked me. I think she really liked it as well. There were a lot of girls around and they were all in their PJ's, but after a little while I went around and said Hi to everyone.  I really liked Michelle because she fed me some waffles.

Charli and Sammie Jo HideAway Haven Orphan Joey