Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


I am getting a little more independent, wandering a little further from home.  A few times Mummy has had to coax me from the Cameron's back yard.  It is so nice there, so peaceful and quiet.  Lots of big trees and green grass.  But Mummy is scared I will fall into the creek again.  I will always find my way home again though, because my Mummies leave on all the lights and floodlights so it is bright and light.  I come in at about 6:30 now for my snack and then lie in front of the fire. Then it is cuddle time and off to bed.  Mummy loves her cuddle time with me at night.  I am glad I don't have to sleep outside in the winter.


I am now officially a big girl.  At 10kg I am all grown up.  I don't need my bottle any-more and I don't need cuddles any more, I don't need to be a wrapped up and hanging in my pouch at night.


I love my bottles and my cuddles and being inside.  On days when it is cold and rainy and windy, why would I want to be a big girl.  I know how to put on my 'I am lonely' little girl look and Mummy brings me inside.

I like keeping Mummy (I know I am a big girl and should say Mum) company when she goes for her walk, but seriously up and down the fire break twice a day.  Sometimes I just take off and wait in the back yard for her.  I let her think that she is doing it for me.

Look at the photo...am I a big girl? do I look ready to give up my bottle yet?

Sammie Jo Orphan Joey at HideAway Haven


Nicola is my new friend.  She is going to sail around the world on a yacht and it is going to take a whole year.  It is called Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.  She is leaving at the end of July to go to London where the race starts.  She needs a lot of money and has been busy fundraising.  Nicola has her own page on Facebook iSail360 where she is sharing all her fundraising.

On Saturday my Mummies held an Italian Feast fundraising dinner to raise money for my new friend. They raised $1,020.00.  They cooked meals they learnt to cook when they were in Italy last year, before I came to live with them.  Everyone had a lot of fun and I was given the job of looking after the vegetable strudels in the oven.  I got loads of cuddles and treats and got to stay up way past my bedtime.


It was a normal start to my morning, bottle and then out the back yard for my grazing time.  Mummy was on her computer when I came bounding up to the front door.  I don't normally do this as it means I am on the other side of the house, where I am not allowed to go.  At the front door there is no where to go and as Mummy came to the door I was hopping down the street.  Mummy came on after me, but I am much faster.  Mummy said that's it, this is too dangerous, I am taking Sammie to go live with Aunty Pauline, where I know she will be safe.  No sign of me.  When Mummy got home a neighbour came up and told her that she had seen a cow racing down the street.  Mummy still didn't put two and two together.  She decided to go to the bottom of the block.  As she was going down the hill there were cow hoof prints all over my track.  Mummy started walking along the fire-break calling me.   I just answered and came out like nothing was wrong, not sure why Mummy cried when she hugged me.

What really happened?  I was grazing as normal when this big cow scared me.  I couldn't get into my safe back yard because the cow was in the way, so I went the other way to the front door.  I still couldn't get in so I took off down the street, through someone's back yard and over their fence into paddock at the bottom of the block.  I was safe and not scared.  Mummy has spent hours and hours and hours making sure I know my way around here, so I knew how to get home.  Is she still going to send me to Aunty Pauline's??  I think she needs some rescue remedy!!

Sammie Jo Rescue Joey at HideAway Haven


Mummy was practising her Italian black rice dish with whiting for Nicola's fundraising event.  Her dinner was on her plate and she was talking to Mommy, so I sneaked up and took the whole piece of whiting from her plate.  Mummy moved pretty fast to get her fish back.  Later she did try to offer me a piece, but I screwed up my nose and shuddered - that stuff is disgusting.  I am a kangaroo and do NOT eat fish  YUK!!  I only took it because it was on her plate and I like to share.

Yesterday Mummy was having a lazy day and I agree she really needed one, she has been so busy, but it's 11:05am and no bottle yet??? It's due at 11am, so I ran away from home feeling neglected.  Mummy heard me and managed to catch me at the neighbours and bring me home.

Today I am in the office with both Mummy and Mommy feeling playful and loved.  I sneezed and as there was a tissue box on the floor I grabbed a tissue with my mouth and tried to eat it.  My Mummy always grabs a tissue after she sneezes!! 

I love making Mummy and Mommy laugh at all my antics.

Sammie Jo Orphan Joey at HideAway Haven


Yesterday Mummy was a real Mummy kangaroo.  We were down the hill and she started play fighting with me.  It was so much fun, I did a little boxing with her and then raced across the block, jumped over the fence raced around, jumped back over the fence and then repeated the whole session again. Last night I was so tired I fell asleep as soon as I was cuddled on Mummy's lap.

I am learning to eat some new foods.  I LOVE oranges and am eating broccoli and basil leaves.  I love pasta as well and when Mummy isn't looking I will sneak some from her plate.  I will even drink wine out of her glass when she isn't looking.  I shared Aunty Pauline's tea when I was staying there.

I keep bringing lots of love and smiles into peoples lives.  Here is a photo of Karla giving me my bottle.  She knocked on the door just as Mummy was coming to give me my bottle.  She was really sweet.  As long as guests have my bottle or food, I am happy to give them cuddles.


Last weekend my Mummies went to Adelaide for the National Qantas Tourism Awards.  I was so proud of them for being finalists.  I went to stay with Auntie Pauline in Mount Barker.  I was so terribly spoiled.  The weather was really bad and it rained a lot, so I got to stay inside and watch the cats outside.  I did get to meet some other joey's and it was nice to see I am not the only one in the world with these long legs.  Auntie Pauline made me this really cool bed.  Now I get to hang in the kitchen when Mummy is making breakfast without the danger of being stood on.  I love spending hours in there especially when the weather is not nice.  I don't like the cold and rain, now I get to hang inside.  Thank you Auntie Pauline I love my bed.

 A big thank you for taking such good care of me and for taking such awesome loving care of so many wildlife who have been injured or are orphans.  You do do amazing work at Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitation.  Thank you for caring and sharing your home and life with such passion and generosity.

Last night I got to meet my grand dad in America.  He is pretty proud to be probably the only grand dad in America with a kangaroo grand daughter.  

Here is a photo of me hanging in my new bed and having a sibling moment with Cody.


I am not sure why a full moon affects my behaviour, but I stressed Mummy out yesterday.  I wanted to fight with her like she was a real kangaroo, then I ran away and wouldn't come home when I was called.  Mummy had to walk around in the dark with only the light of the full moon calling me.  I finally came out and then wanted to race back into the bush, but Mummy grabbed my tail and picked me up and carried me all the way back to the house.  

Here I am sprawled out on the office floor contemplating life - do I want to be a wild kangaroo living in the bush under the stars and in the rain, or do I want to live the life of a pampered pet, with bottles, snacks and a warm comfy bed every night...ahhhh decisions!!!!


I had my first swim and shower today.  I went for my usual run this morning and landed in a huge pool of stagnant water. We think it might have been the creek.  I was soaking wet and covered in a green slimy mess from the tips of ears to the tip of my tail.  I didn't want to follow Mummy home because I wanted to clean myself up, but Mummy didn't want me to swallow too much of the green stuff in case I got sick.  So she picked me up and carried me for about 500 metres back home and straight into the shower.  I was shaking and shivering.  I had a nice warm shower and Mummy cleaned me up and herself and I was wrapped into a towel and then a blanket and put into bed to get warm and dry.  I am still a little stinky though.

Yesterday I was inside and and I got spooked.  My safe spot in the house is in front of the oven door because I can see myself in the reflection of the door.  I raced so fast to the door and couldn't stop in time and crashed with my nose into the door.  I got a blood nose and later when I sneezed I got blood all over Mummy.  

I am glad I live here, I am not sure how a kangaroo Mummy could take of me and all my accidents.


I have become the new hostess at HideAway Haven, welcoming our guests when they come to the door.  They LOVE it!!  

I am growing fast already weighing 7 kgs.  My Mummies are trying to work out how they can get me to sleep outside or in the garage, but I am not going to agree with that one.  It's dark and I can't see and in the winter it will be cold.  I love my basket in the office.

Mummy is still taking me for runs on the block next door and she picks blackberries for me.  I love them!!   

My back yard is a safe place again and the gate is always open during the day, so I can come and go as I please.  It's nice to find different places to graze.


It's been a little while since my last post.  I am growing up to be a big girl but still love my bottles and night time cuddles.  I am spending more time alone outside of the back yard, making my own way down the hill and grazing on the block.  I still get my early morning and afternoon runs along the fire break.  I love racing along, jumping over bushes and even managed to jump over Mummy's shoulder.  She was kinda impressed.  I am getting used to guests wanting to cuddle me and as long as I am in my pouch and Mummy isn't too far away its OK.  I am getting used to all the photos being taken of me.  Last night I had my first taste of a zucchini.  My snack Mommy cut off the end and it was yummy.


After my 6pm feed I usually spend an hour in the back yard before coming inside for my snack and cuddles before bed time.  Last night just before Mummy came to get me something spooked me and I raced off.  Mummy has no idea how I got our of the back yard.  I was really scared.  Mummy spent an hour and a half walking around the block, through the bush, up and down the paths with her torch looking for me, but I was too scared to answer her.  Mummy cried.  I stayed outside all night. At 3am it started raining and I got soaking wet.  I hate the rain, and the dark, and the cold.  

Mummy got up at 4.45 (she didn't sleep much) and came looking for me again with her torch.  This time I answered her when she called and she found me.  I was wet and shivering and shaking so bad because I was scared.  Cody the cat must have been outside with me all night as well because he was soaking wet as well.  Even Mommy got up early to see if I was home again.

I got my bottle and Mummy took me down the hill for a run.  She stayed with me and didn't go for her normal walk because I wouldn't let her out of my sight.  I had loads of fun racing and flying through the air.  

When it was time for her to cook breakfasts for the guests she brought me inside and put me to bed...ahhhh that was nice and comfy and warm and slept until she woke me for my bottle at noon.  Mummy told the guests they couldn't see me this morning because I was too upset.

Luckily Mummy had Pauline to talk to for advice and she will go to the chemist and get me some rescue remedy.  I will get a couple of drops and I think Mummy will drink the rest of the bottle. Pauline said to keep an eye on me because even if I seem to be OK I could still go into shock.  I am making that easy for Mummy by sticking to her like glue today.


Alan and Marlene stayed with us for a couple of days.  They loved me so much.  Alan took so many photos with his camera.  Marlene almost rocked me to sleep.  I am loving all the cuddles and attention from the guests, esp as Mummy and Mommy are so busy and don't have much time to spend with me.  I still love my walks down the hill with Mummy and love it when she stays down there and works in the garden instead of going for a walk.  I just love hanging down there, so many different things to eat and sniff.


It has been very busy at HideAway Haven and I have met lots of lovely people.  Everyone wants cuddles and as long as I am in my pouch I don't mind to much.  I have had so many photos taken, I must be the most photographed kangaroo in Australia.  My foot is still swollen and Mummy is still not taking me for long walks but I do get out in the morning and head into the bush.  I am getting a little more adventurous and going out the gate on my own, but always stay close enough so that I can hear when I am being called.  Jose and Beatriz were here this week and fell in love with me.  She so badly wanted a kiss, I obliged.  They were such a sweet couple I hope they come back again soon.


It's Valentines Day, so time for lots of love to our guests this morning.  Jo and Darin checked out this morning and Mummy brought me out to say goodbye.  Jo was so sweet and she gave me some of her grapes.  Yummy.  I got a big cuddle and of course Darin took photos.  After they left Lynn and Mike were ready to leave.  Lynn had rocked me to sleep yesterday but was excited to have another cuddle.  She didn't have any grapes for me though.  We had the usual photo in front of Heidi...boooring, I just wanted to get back to the back yard.

With 2 checkouts and a service my Mummy's were really busy.  Bill next door was busy with his hedge trimmer which scared me, so Mummy thought she would just put me to bed for an hour or so.  Aaahhh that was nice, I cuddled up and slept for two and half hours.  Mummy was happy coz she and Mommy got everything done downstairs and then woke me for my bottle.

I usually get to spend an hour in the office in the afternoon and then Mummy puts me back into the yard.  Yesterday I decided I didn't want to. I fought Mummy to stay inside.  I got on my hind legs and jumped and kicked.  But Mummy won and I ended up in the back yard after all.


I have made a real mess of my Mummies back yard.  They don't seem to mind though.  I love laying in this patch of black sand and using my front paws I flick sand all over me.  This morning I was feeling much better.  Mummy opened the gate and I raced down the hill and let her know I wanted to go through the fence onto the fire-break.  WOW - freedom!  I raced up and down that track and all Mummy could do was watch me race and fly through the air.  It felt so good after weeks of being in pain.

I love night times.  I get a bowl of goodies, banana chips, almonds and organic corn flakes to snack on.  Then out comes my pouch (I know its just a pillow case) and I snuggle in there on Mummy's lap until I fall asleep.


I had more photos taken again with guests this morning.  Everyone loves me, guess that makes me really special.  Marlene and David loved spending time with me this morning.  I loved Marlene's shoes.  Mummy thinks I have a shoe fetish.

Mummy worked in the garden today and I did go through the fence and spend some time on the fire-break next door.  It was nice to be out and have a little run. My foot is still swollen and I don't like putting too much weight on it.  Mummy took photos today and sent them to Pauline and she thinks its either bruised or sprained because of racing through the bush. Thank you Pauline for reassuring my Mummies.  They worry so much.  I am a kangaroo and love to just crash through the bush over rocks and trees.  I must be more careful.


I still have a sore foot and Mummy isn't letting me go for my runs anymore.  We don't know what is wrong with it, but I can't put a lot of weight on it and when I hop on my 2 legs I am a little off balance.  I slide on the wooden floors now as well.  I think Mummy might take me to the vet tomorrow, though not sure what they can do.  Pauline says that when I hop around on all fours using my tail, its kinda like I am on crutches.

We have some guests from Germany staying with us.  Andrea gave me my bottle last night.  she talks to me in German and even though I don't understand a word she is saying, her voice is so soft and sweet, I just keep looking at her with one eye.  The other eye is fixed on Mummy to make sure she doesn't leave me alone.  

My favourite time of the day is at night when I am cuddled up in my pouch sitting on Mummy's lap while she is watching TV. I usually fall asleep and then I get put to bed.


This morning I raced up and down the hill again while Mummy was working. I saw a beautiful big butterfly and a splendid fairy wren today. This afternoon I didn't want to go for my run.  My foot is still swollen and hurts a lot.  Mommy is real good about finding me different treats for my night time snack.  Today I got some left over boiled rice.  I soon licked the plate clean.

I am glad Mummy has Pauline from Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitators to talk to about all my hurts and aches and pains.

I have loved my mornings while Mummy has been home and there have been no guests, but Friday things will go back to normal.  


One of my favourite things is running or should I say crashing through the bush.  But today I hurt my foot.  It is swollen and I am limping a little bit.  So I am getting lots of cuddles from Mummy and Mommy and lots of extra treats.  I love banana chips and gluten free bread, that was my snack tonight.  I was glad to get to bed and rest my sore foot.