Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Mummy weighed me today.  I now weigh 6.4 kg.  When I was first rescued I was only 2.4 kg.  I got to cuddle with Mummy and Mommy when they had their coffee this morning.  Mommy pulled a cat hair out of my nose and I couldn't stop sneezing. Those cat hairs are everywhere.  I think Cody would like to be my friend, but CK just stays out of my way.

Its been nice that we haven't had any guests.  Mummy is spending lots of time in the garden in the morning and I love to just hang around grazing.


Mummy decided to stay and work in the garden this morning instead of leaving me all by myself while she goes for a walk or bike ride.  I followed her up and down the hill as she wheel barrowed mulch.

I found a dead mouse and was ripping it apart with gusto, but Mummy took it off me and told me kangaroos don't eat meat!!

In the afternoon Mommy came down the hill for my afternoon walk.  That was fun as she had her camera with her and took lots of pictures.  I like being a kanga model :-)

I tried to jump the fence but got my legs caught in the wires and when I wriggled free landed with my nose in the sand.  Mummy laughed!!


I found Mummy's packet of Jelly Beans.  What beautiful bright colours.  I managed to get out a nice blue one and tried to eat it.  But it glued my teeth together and I couldn't get my mouth open again.  Mummy managed to get my mouth open and still let me finish off the jelly bean.  she hid the packet but I found it again. 

There have been no guests at HideAway Haven for a couple of nights, so Mummy is filling me up with all kinds of yummy treats at night so she can have a sleep in, so now I get my bottle at 5:30 instead of 4:45.  I love my slivered almonds, gluten free organic cornflakes, English spinach leaves and banana chips. Very gourmet for a joey, but then I am not just a joey, I am a HideAway Haven joey.


We had a thunderstorm and rain yesterday.  I was not too worried about the noise of the thunder, but when it started to rain during my walk with Mummy I bolted into the bush and hid under the trees.  I was scared and I was wet.  Mummy had to come and get me and carry me back to the house.  I know I am getting much to big and heavy for her to carry but I am glad she did.  I spent the rest of the time on deck and under the chairs in the back yard.  I don't like the rain.

I love coming inside at night and getting lots of special treats.  Mummy thinks it will help me sleep longer.  Last night I had spinach leaves and almonds.  YUMMY!! I love my chin being scratched too.

Sammie loves scratching.jpg


Today is Australia Day and I am an Australian person :-)  Mummy took me for my walk today and instead of going through the wires of the fence today I decided to jump right over the top. WOW that was awesome!!! Mummy was a kinda panicky as I landed on my head and then back, but that was fun and I got cuddles afterwards.  I did my normal racing up and down the track and when I came home I managed to sneak on the deck and drink water from the cats bowl....sneaky!!

My Mummy's had their wine on the swing tonight and I sat between them like a big girl and watch the pretty sunset colours and birds playing in the trees.  Mummy said life was almost back to the way it was before I came on the scene.  I drank my bottle while sitting on the swing and then went into the back yard to graze and enjoy some grass.


I am now getting really good at lapping water, though I still prefer my bottles.  I first started drinking from the cat bowl, even though I had my own.  I thought that was pretty cool, drinking with the cats. But no Mummy gave me the cat bowl and bought the cats a new one.  I don;t think she gets it, I just want to be like the cats drink their water and eat their biscuits (but no not allowed to do that either.  Apparently it's bad for me, because it contains too much salt) 

Mummy went for a bike ride this morning and brought home some fresh Sheoak leaves, my new favourite food.  Its good for me too as it has medicinal properties which helps with the healing of a wound on my leg, which I got from crashing to fast and hard through the bush.  It was worth it though because I got lots of extra cuddles and attention.

I really enjoyed my snack before bed tonight - banana chips, yummy!!


This morning Mummy took me down to the fire break for my morning run.  I was extra excited as I had been awake for a while, but locked in the office,  so I raced up the firebreak, turned around and raced the other way. Mummy couldn't catch up to me (I sometimes forget she is not a kangaroo) or see me any-more and I was having far to much fun to go find her.  She went back home and told me she would give me 15 mins and then come back.  She only lasted 8 mins (insert cheeky grin here) and came out to look for me, but I was already in the backyard.


I am now 12 months old and weigh about 6kg.  I am getting a bit heavy to be carried around, but I still loves my cuddles.  I enjoy 3 bottles per day and love to graze all day.  I love it when Mummy takes me to the bottom of the hill and lets me race along the fire break.  I get to race like a real kangaroo and kick my heels in the air.

I don't spend any time in my 'pouch' aks a as pillow case any more during the day, but look forward to night times when I get to cuddle up for the night in the office..

Nights get a little long sometimes, so occasionally I will wake my Mummy up at 3:30am and see if I can convince her to give me a bottle.  It doesn't work, so one morning I pretended that I needed to go outside to pee, so Mummy sat outside with me until it was time for my bottle at 4:45.  Don't think I will do that again as she wasn't happy.  Can't anyway because they close the office door and I can't get out.

I love playing Hide and Seek.  I hide and then Mummy seeks but then I usually have to go find her because she gets lost looking for me.