Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Had a visit from both my Mummies.  It was so good to see them.  I came out of my enclosure and showed Mummy how well I was doing my kangaroo hopping now.  She was so very proud of me.  I got an extra bottle, some strawberries and my favourite woolly bush.  Mummy always brings extras so I can share with my new sisters and Rocket and Straya.  I got to say goodbye to Phoebe (my ring tail possum sister) as she is going back to be released at HideAway Haven. 

I am getting stronger and come out of my enclosure every day for exercise.  Auntie Pauline really looks after me making sure I don't get over excited and hurt myself again.  I like spending time with Rocket, he is going to protect me when he gets bigger.  He is such a gentle little man.  One of my sisters KayDee has a joey in her pouch.  She is coming out of the pouch sometimes and is so cute.  The joey really looks much too big to still be in the pouch.  Not sure how KayDee gets around and still manages to jump over fences.

Sammie Jo video