Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.

My Adventure by Josie

Last week my mummies went to Melbourne for a few days. Joslyn and me had the house to ourselves!   We had so much fun! We made a race track through the house, stayed up late watching movies and had lots of snacks!  My Mummies won Silver at The Australian Tourism Awards for HideAway Haven.  I am so proud of them.

Last Thursday, Joslyn was going to bring me to see Sammie Jo. She wrapped me up and tied a knot in my pouch and we were set to go. We were cruising down the highway when I wriggled my way out because I really wanted to see out the window. I got on to the back seat and I saw that Joslyn was speeding! I must have given her a real fright because she pulled over really quickly! She was so scared seeing a bouncy joey on the back seat she turned around and brought me straight home!  Next time I better behave because my adventure was over too quickly and I didn't get to Sammie Jo or spend time with Rocket.

When she got home later, she told me she had seen Sammie Jo. She said that Sammie Jo was doing a little better and was able to walk around and do a hop or two. I hope that means Sammie Jo can come homes soon.

Hanging in my new bed that Joslyn made for me.  Don't I look pretty in pink?