Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Yesterday I got stuck in a fence for what seemed a really long time.  Joslyn was riding her bike and heard some noise and came to investigate.  She saw me in the fence and I managed to get out and jumped over the fence and raced away.  Being a kangaroo means I just race without watching where I am going.  Mummy spent hours looking for me but couldn't find me.  She thought I was just being independent and living my life with my new friends.  But that wasn't the case. Mummy thinks I was chased by a dog for a very long time.  Eventually I jumped over a fence and the dog couldn't follow me.  When the dog was gone I tried to go back home, but didn't have the strength to jump over the fence.  When I tried to get through the fence I got stuck. Because I had been stressed for such a long time I  developed myopathy.  Myopathy is when the body pumps huge amounts of lactic acid which is trapped in the body and causes the disintegration of the muscle fibres   I found a place under the bushes and lay down. I had stiffness and paralysis mainly in my hindquarters, and was unable to move.

Mummy told me that she was taking Josie for a walk and she was acting funny.  She was trying to show her something.  Mummy followed her and she brought her to me.  Mummy didn't know what was wrong, but when I wouldn't follow her she ran home to get my bottle.  Josie stayed with me.  My two Mummies came back and I still wouldn't follow Mummy even when bribed with the bottle. Mummy picked me up and carried me all the way home. She must have been given some extra super human strength because I weigh over 20kg and am a very awkward shape.

First thing she did was call Auntie Pauline who knew right away what was wrong and told Mummy what was best for me.  I spent most of the evening/night on Mummies lap as that is when I feel safe and will sleep.  That is important to keep the stress levels down as my head is still in stress mode.

I made it through the night, am still very tired but eating and drinking lots which helps flush out the lactic acid. I am chilled out on the office floor and getting loads of love and cuddles.  Mummy is now waiting for the VET to arrive.

Here I am laying on the ground and unable to walk.