Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


It's Valentines Day, so time for lots of love to our guests this morning.  Jo and Darin checked out this morning and Mummy brought me out to say goodbye.  Jo was so sweet and she gave me some of her grapes.  Yummy.  I got a big cuddle and of course Darin took photos.  After they left Lynn and Mike were ready to leave.  Lynn had rocked me to sleep yesterday but was excited to have another cuddle.  She didn't have any grapes for me though.  We had the usual photo in front of Heidi...boooring, I just wanted to get back to the back yard.

With 2 checkouts and a service my Mummy's were really busy.  Bill next door was busy with his hedge trimmer which scared me, so Mummy thought she would just put me to bed for an hour or so.  Aaahhh that was nice, I cuddled up and slept for two and half hours.  Mummy was happy coz she and Mommy got everything done downstairs and then woke me for my bottle.

I usually get to spend an hour in the office in the afternoon and then Mummy puts me back into the yard.  Yesterday I decided I didn't want to. I fought Mummy to stay inside.  I got on my hind legs and jumped and kicked.  But Mummy won and I ended up in the back yard after all.