Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


I had more photos taken again with guests this morning.  Everyone loves me, guess that makes me really special.  Marlene and David loved spending time with me this morning.  I loved Marlene's shoes.  Mummy thinks I have a shoe fetish.

Mummy worked in the garden today and I did go through the fence and spend some time on the fire-break next door.  It was nice to be out and have a little run. My foot is still swollen and I don't like putting too much weight on it.  Mummy took photos today and sent them to Pauline and she thinks its either bruised or sprained because of racing through the bush. Thank you Pauline for reassuring my Mummies.  They worry so much.  I am a kangaroo and love to just crash through the bush over rocks and trees.  I must be more careful.