Wildlife in Care

At HideAway Haven we rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.  Follow the story of our kids in care.


Today is Australia Day and I am an Australian person :-)  Mummy took me for my walk today and instead of going through the wires of the fence today I decided to jump right over the top. WOW that was awesome!!! Mummy was a kinda panicky as I landed on my head and then back, but that was fun and I got cuddles afterwards.  I did my normal racing up and down the track and when I came home I managed to sneak on the deck and drink water from the cats bowl....sneaky!!

My Mummy's had their wine on the swing tonight and I sat between them like a big girl and watch the pretty sunset colours and birds playing in the trees.  Mummy said life was almost back to the way it was before I came on the scene.  I drank my bottle while sitting on the swing and then went into the back yard to graze and enjoy some grass.