Our Values

We are the owners’ not employees and our style is truly reflective of our personality. We own the vision ‘to provide the ultimate experience for our guests during their stay in Albany with a passion for excellence and by delivering the highest standards of honesty and integrity.’

HideAway Haven's Business Values


To give personalised, warm and consistently exceptional service-
We appreciate there are numerous choices and alternatives our guests have to choose from, and so we set the bar high for ourselves, to provide the highest quality services and products.  We constantly challenge ourselves to update and improve.  We create an environment where our guests feel this is their home away from home.

To value, respect and support each other-
We firmly believe that care comes from caring and so as hostesses we provide a level of care for our staff and business partners that inspires by example, generates trust, respect, confidence, with open and honest communication and appreciation.  We are flexible, helping staff strike a healthy work and life balance. 
We treat our staff, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions

To create positive, memorable experiences for every guest-
We meet or exceed our customers' expectations before and during their stay with us. By delighting and satisfying our guests, we ensure the success of HideAway Haven and our team. By serving our customers with a highly personable, proficient, friendly, competent service, and listening to their needs we create special memories and experiences.

To care about and give back to our local community-
We recognise and appreciate our responsibility to be active participants in our local community. We believe in giving our time to community and service organisations. We believe that it is important to give something back and make a difference. 
 - We participate in ‘Relay for Life’ by walking in the early hours of the morning (only time the guests don’t need us as they are sleeping) and raising funds through donations from businesses we support during the year.
 - Our social conscience package is ‘The Ultimate Remedy Is A Safe Haven - Pay it Forward’. We firmly believe in undertaking and giving to people who simply do not take time out for themselves because personal circumstances may prevent it. We desire to provide them with a safe haven; a moment in time for those experiencing life’s most difficult times to rest, to lift up, to reinvigorate and to provide much needed relief. HideAway Haven gifts a two night stay, working with other local businesses in our community who share our values of peace and harmony we organise an experience for these guests which create lifetime memories. 
 - We support the local economy by spending the majority of our annual purchasing locally such as; labour, goods and services. We source the best quality goods from local business-people who share our environmental focus - this helps keep the environmental footprint low

To implement and demonstrate environmental sustainability-
As luxury accommodation providers in Albany, HideAway Haven is in a unique position to influence our guests on energy efficiency and water use. By taking our own action to improve efficiency in these areas, HideAway Haven can demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment. 
-  Modelling best practice in environmental management.
-  Ensuring our activities comply with relevant environmental laws and policies.
-   Minimising our environmental foot print through sustainable management of resources including land, water, energy, materials, cultural heritage and biodiversity.