Day Three

Thank you GR Photography for your photo of the canola fields on the way to the Stirling Ranges.

Day 3 in the Albany Region

Mountains, Rivers and Trees today as we head to Two Peoples Bay, Porongurups and for those of you loving a drive to the Stirling Ranges. 

After your hearty breakfast at HideAway Haven head down Lower King Road till you see the sign Two Peoples Bay.  This area is a beautiful National Park. The Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve is home to two endangered creatures that are all but extinct everywhere else - the Noisy Scrub Bird and the Gilbert's Potaroo. As you near the end of the road turn right at the Little Beach sign.  Little Beach was voted #5 of AUSTRALIA`S TOP SECRET SPOTS. Little Beach is the most picturesque perfect, magical beach in Western Australia.  With a combination of white sand, azure water, granite headlands & greenery, it easily surpasses some of the famous beaches around the world. Climb over the rocks and you will find Waterfall Beach.  If you can drag yourself away head down to Two Peoples Bay.. there is a beautiful beach walk to Betty’s Beach or a hike through the park that will take you to Little Beach.  Return to Lower King Road.  You will pass the Albany Marron Farm & Bird Park which is also home to Little Nippers Café.  Have a coffee, enjoy the birds and for the more adventurous of you try their Segway Tour.

Rock Pools, Two Peoples Bay.jpg

Little Beach - Thank you Judy Walker Photography 

Returning along Lower King Road turn left into Gull Rock Road….two beautiful Beaches here Gull Rock and Ledge Beach.  Mount Martin Botanic Garden hike starts at Ledge Beach…If time permits hike through this botanic garden (natural bush with some stunning views) which has some amazing native Flora only found here.

Next stop is the Luke Pen Walk – turn into East Bank Road and follow the signs. The Luke Pen Walk is beautiful meandering walk trail, closely following the Kalgan River. The Luke Pen Walk offers a lovely mix of vegetation from large marri trees and conifers to farming pastures. Gorgeous views are present all the way along the trail. The trail is approx 9kms long and return trip takes approx. 4 hours, so why not just take a short stroll before heading to the Porongurups.

The Beautiful Kalgan River.jpg

The Kalgan River by Judy Walker Photography

Back on Lower King Road, turn right into Prideaux and left into Bon Accord Road….to Chester Pass Road.  Turn Right towards the Porongurups  There are numerous bushwalking tracks to cater for all different skill and fitness levels.


Some suggested hikes – if you just do one; experience Castle Rock

The Pass - easy walk from the Tree in the Rock car park; 2km return - allow 1 hr.

Hayward Peak - medium difficulty; 3km return - allow 2 hrs. 

Devils Slide - elevation 600 - 650m;  moderate, slippery in wet weather; 2km return - allow 2 hrs; side trail from tree in the rock circuit; intriguing rock faces, huge granite formations, splendid views; views to both north and south and a marvellous place to have a picnic lunch.

Marmabup Rock - via Devils slide;  for experienced walkers only ; 5km return - allow 5 hrs.

Tree in the Rock Circuit - elevation 600 - 650m;  medium walk; allow 2-3 hrs; spectacular views, picnic area, barbeques; takes in Hayward Peak, Nancy Peak and Morgan's Views. Start at the picnic area at end of Bolganup Rd.

CASTLE ROCK - elevation 500m;  moderate hike - not for the faint hearted; 1.5km - allow 2-3 hours.  Start at picnic area at eastern end of ranges. Head up steep hill through Karri trees. Descend before climbing next hill to Balancing Rock. Here is a wonderful photo opportunity. The next part is not easy. Climb over rocks, through a crevice, up a ladder then along a catwalk to the summit for magnificent views. Other trees are red gum, jarrah.


Thank you to David Belfield from A to Z Visual for this stunning photo of the Castle Rock Skywalk

Wansborough Walk -  hard ; 4km - allow 2-4 hrs.  From Millinup R oad turn onto Wansborough Walk. when road divides turn left to picnic area. Start of walk is up steep hill. Trail divides to Devils Slide or Nancy Peak. Or just take a scenic drive

Scenic Drive -  Turn off Porongurup Road onto Woodlands Road then left onto Rangeview Road. Turn left onto Bolganup Road then back onto Porongurup Road.

Scenic Drive -  Follow Porongurup Road onto Chesterpass Road, then turn right . At 1.5km turn right onto Millinup Road. At Woodlands Road turn right. Either travel back to Porongurup Road or turn right onto Rangeview Road then left into Bolganup Road and back onto Porongurup Road.

Time for lunch?  Try Maleeya Thai Cafe and enjoy authentic dishes with Asian herbs fresh from their organic veggie garden.  An extensive Bamboo Garden & Nursery is situated next to the Café.  Or visit Ironwood Estate Wines.  Cellar and café are open from 11a.m. to 5p.m. Wednesday – Monday for wine tastings & sales, lunches, coffees/teas and cakes.  There are numerous wineries in this region. Try Jingalla Winery and taste their Pawny Tort

Porongurup Wine Atlas map.jpg

Time to head back to HideAway Haven – we hope you bought a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy tonight.  Stop at Wignalls Winery on your way home, they have an amazing range.

If there is enough time and you have the energy, a drive to the Stirling Ranges and to Bluff Knoll – about an hours drive. Bluff Knoll is a peak in the Stirling Range in the Albany Region.  It is 1,099 metres above sea level and is one of only a few places to experience some snow in Western Australia


Thank you Bosso Photography for this photo of Bluff Knoll

Climbing Bluff Knoll, is a round trip of about 6 kilometres and takes three to four hours, and can be achieved by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.  

Nancy's Peak

The Stirling Ranges is a wildflower and plant reserve of international significance, the Stirling’s springtime wildflower display (August to November) is justifiably famous. With over 1500 plant species, rare orchids, mountain bells and banksias abound, 148 bird species of which 90 breed in the park - and 19 species of native mammals call the park home. 

Thank you Lata Photography for this photo taken at Nancy's Peak

Dinner suggestion - Chichas Street Food a Latin American Restaurant 112 York Street, Albany.  They are licensed and also sell jugs of Sangria.

We hope you had an awesome day exploring our beautiful Region