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Research shows that Australia’s strongest associations with food and wine suggests fresh produce, fresh seafood, high grade meat and unique outdoor dining most heartily tempt the tastebuds of international travellers.  The research also showed that for people who have never visited Australia, only 26 per cent associate the destination with a good food and wine offering. However, for those who have visited, Australia is ranked second across the 15 major markets for its food and wine experiences (60 per cent) behind France and ahead of Italy (third). More importantly though, for visitors from China, USA, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and South Korea, Australia is ranked as the number one destination for food and wine.  (Source Tourism Australia)

The enjoyment of food and wine is integral to the experience offered by HideAway Haven. Quality ingredients and fresh organic produce,  are a common theme enjoyed by all our guests.

Albany holds one of the richest, most undiscovered wine and food regions in Australia.  Why not enjoy the ultimate in food and escape to HideAway Haven,  and enjoy an incredible undiscovered food, wine and landscape experience.  

Gourmet Platter from Oranje Tractor wine

Hands on private cooking classes can be arranged with appropriate notice at an additional cost.  These include


Cooking with Skal in Nilla's Italian Kitchen

Last night Skal International Albany Australia met at the home of John and Nilla for our October members meeting.  We had a great time as Nilla's Italian Kitchen came alive with the busyness and chatter than comes with a group making and cooking pasta.  Nilla is an amazing cook, passionate, with a generous and warm heart, it was always going to be a great evening. We made Red Green and white pasta to match the Italian flag.  Together with a pork ragout she had made previously it was a restaurant quality meal.  And for the new vegetarian (me) there was burnt butter sauce with sage to toss through the pasta.  And did I mention the cake?  I have no idea how to pronounce it but it was the most amazing Italian sponge cake.  I did see half a bottle of cointreau going into the marmalade filling in the centre.  

It was a great evening with the mayor of Albany giving us up to date information of all tourism events and projects happening in the next few years.

Thank you John and Nilla for another fabulous evening.

Pepper and Salt Restaurant - Denmark

HideAway Haven offers 'Spice up your Life' masterclasses with Chef Silas from  Pepper and Salt.  We enjoyed his awesome food first hand when we travelled to Denmark last month.  At Pepper & Salt Restaurant they create inspiring dishes that nurture the heart and soul, using fresh seasonal produce.  They are enthusiastic in their love of spices and use them perfectly to enrich the flavours in their dishes. Dining at pepper and Salt restaurant is all about enjoying the whole experience and there is never a rush to get out the door.  You are encouraged  to enjoy the relaxed ambience, gaze at the stunning views, sample the boutique wine and savour the flavours.  Silas and Angela are the perfect welcoming hosts, explaining the dishes on offer and the best wine to accompany the dishes.  Why not book a master-class with Silas while you are here or enjoy a lunch at their restaurant.

HideAway Haven + Radiant Being = PERFECTION!!!

Three of our packages include massages by Hayley at Radiant Being.  Hayley is a trained Health Psychologist and a certified Yoga teacher.

Our Babymoon @ HideAway,  Couples Romantic Pamper Weekend and Girls GetAway @ HideAway, all include massages with Hayley and her tem from Radiant Being and/or Yoga sessions and pedicures.

As responsible business owners, we always test what we offer, so Maggie went and had a massage yesterday.  How good was that.

Walking into Hayley's studio I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable.  Hayley has the whole holistic approach.  She works with her clients to create a program that is flexible and fun.  She realises that denial and discipline doesn't work for the long term and that gradual lifelong changes are what helps us achieve our health goals.

Hayley chatted informally with me about my health, medication, exercise and aches and pain.  After a 90 min massage (that felt like 15 mins) my whole body was relaxed and I felt great.  I have made another appointment and will put this on my regular to do list.

Some of the benefits of massage from AAMT


  • Relief from pain due to musculoskeletal injuries and other causes 
  • Trigger point massage may be very beneficial in relieving back pain
  • Massage has been shown to reduce subclinical depression
  • Massage stimulates the immune system by increasing blood flow and lymph drainage
  • Helps clear muscles of lactic and uric acid that build up during exercise and relaxes muscle hypertonicityas well as relieves muscle tension
  • Improves muscle tone and delays muscle atrophy resulting from inactivity
  • Massage assists the body's natural ability to heal itself. It relaxes and tones the muscles preventing injuries, increases circulation and therefore improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all body cells


Do yourself a favour and book in for a treat with one of our specialised packages.  You will leave HideAway Haven feeling great