Birds at HideAway Haven - Red-eared firetail

The Red-eared Firetail is a mainly brown bird with fine black barring (called vermiculations), but punctuated with splashes of colour: a bright-red bill, ear-spot and rump, and a striking black-and-white belly. It also has a bright-red ear-spot, rump and beak, as well as a black-and-white spotted belly.  It is a very pretty bird.

Red-eared Firetail at HideAway Haven

Red-eared Firetails are endemic to the south-western corner of Western Australia.

They generally forage on the ground, among grasses or in shrubs, where they eat seeds. They very occasionally also eat small insects, which are pecked from the leaves of plants. They forage singly or in small flocks, and occasionally in congregations comprising dozens of birds; they very occasionally feed in the company of other seed-eating species, especially parrots.  

At HideAway Haven we often see them in the feeder with the parrots sharing the seeds.

Red-eared Firetails have been described as “the most solitary of the Australian grass finches” and they generally remain sedentary as mated pairs within a small territory of only 100-200 metres.

We are proud of the environment we have created at HideAway Haven with bird-attracting trees, shrubs, and other plants.

What matters most to our guests

If you’re a luxury traveller, attention to detail counts — the kind of detail that is often missing with even higher end properties, hotels and apartment rentals.  

Bliss in the Bush at HideAway Haven in Albany, Western Australia.

Champagne if you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary or a cake for your birthday; plush white bathrobes and slippers; reservations at hard to get into restaurants. HideAway Haven is a true vacation from the everyday, with thought put into your entire experience. Let us sweat the details so that you don’t have to.  We will actually anticipate your needs, not just respond to them as we are the experts in creating a tailored experience for you. 

If you’re travelling with your special someone, you deserve to stay somewhere exceptional. Nothing sets the stage for romance quite like a change of scenery. Plan a getaway for you and your sweetheart to give yourselves the time to relax, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company. Whether honeymooning or a new couple, time away together provides a way to cement your relationship, pamper your partner and create memories which will last a lifetime. HideAway Haven will provide you with the perfect ambience for love and romance.  We will make you feel special with the care and attention you deserve without having to ask. We offer you a personal and exclusive experience. 

At the end of the day we ensure your room will look like as if you are entering it for the first time.  In the winter the heater will be turned on, lights switched on and afternoon tea is waiting for you.   There is a guest room where you can socialise with other guests if you wish, sharing stories of your day, places not to miss and finding common ground.

When you wake up, enjoy breakfast on your own private deck surrounded by expansive and peaceful views with abundant bird life,  the perfect environment for precious time out and intimacy. You will feel as though you are a million miles away from anywhere, HideAway Haven is so peaceful and private.  Leave the rest of the world behind you and spend some precious time alone with your loved one.

expansive and peaceful views at HideAway Haven in Albany, Western Australia

Red-capped Parrots - love HideAway Haven

Red-capped Parrots, related to the Rosella's are endemic to the south-western tip of WA. They visit us at HideAway Haven and we see them feeding from our bird feeder.  If the feeder is empty they will line up on the railing and stare at us to let us know they want their seed.  They are so bright and colourful. We enjoy watching the babies learn to fly from our trees and love experiencing how attentive the mother is during feeding times.

Red-capped Parrots are medium-sized parrots. They have a multi-coloured plumage with a red cap, which gives them their name, yellow cheeks, dark-blue breast and belly, yellow-lined red vent, green mantle and upper-wings and dark-blue flight feathers and under-wings. The upper mandible of the grey bill is conspicuously long. The colours of female Red-capped Parrots are duller than those of males. Juveniles are mostly green, with a brown breast and belly and a red vent.  The key feature of the Red-capped Parrot is the extended upper bill. Experienced older birds show great dexterity in nipping off the hard ripe Marri fruit, holding it in one claw, testing it and, if it is of good enough quality, rotating it while inserting the upper bill to extract the fruit.

Red-capped Parrots have a preference for Marri Eucalypt forests and woodlands, but have adapted to the presence of humans by entering farmland, orchards and parks.  At HideAway Haven we have a variety of Eucalyptus Trees with gum nuts as a natural source of food for our Red-capped parrots.

Red-capped Parrot5 Albany 0913.JPG

Daring to Dream Big while Singing Loudly above the Noise

We headed off to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  We are finalists in the Micro Business Category.  With over 2,000 entries, we felt humbled to be one of only 23 finalists.

On one of my (Maggie's) early morning walks I met a magpie.  He was such a happy little bird.  There was construction going on all around, the noise of the lawnmower was deafening, but he was singing loudly over the noise.  This magpie had no control over his environment or personal space.  His challenge was to be heard above the noise and not let the noise spoil his day.

That was a special moment I collected that day.

As small business owners we have challenges to overcome in an environment of construction and noise, do we sing loudly in the morning?

As life partners, in our mid fifties we dared to dream big.  A life of being together and working together.  Our own successful business in a niche market while living in paradise.  Our dream is now a successful reality.

We have had to overcome challenges and obstacles, but every morning we dare to sing loudly above the noise.

At HideAway Haven we love love being part of creating special lifetime memories and emotional connections for our guests as they experience our beautiful corner of the world, which we call paradise.

Our goal is to continue to inspire others to sing loudly above the noise, to be heard in their small business, just as that special magpie did this morning.

Singing loudly above the noise HideAway Haven dreaming big

While you are travelling through our Albany Region, stay with us and discover and experience rather than just visit our beautiful corner.  With 5 star luxury starting with a warm room, big comfortable bed, top quality bed linen, big white fluffy robes and so much more you will leave leave with life time memories.

HideAway Haven luxury accommodation in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.

Beach meets Bush

Albany Region - where the Beach meets the Bush 

Whether you are interested in simply relaxing by the warm, turquoise blue waters of the ocean, while soaking up the sun, doing business in the area, taking a bush walk, a mountain hike or exploring the region, HideAway Haven will offer you a unique and memorable stay.

Albany Region with its seven National Parks, surrounded by the natural beauty of 49 pristine beaches, spectacular granite coastline, extraordinary diving opportunities, two rivers, two harbours, being the oldest settlement in WA, ancient mountains, temperate rainforest and the spectacular Sky Walk in the middle of it and whale watching for four months of the year, there is something for everyone.

I love my early morning walks to the beach (only 2.9km), a short stroll along the beach, listening to and watching the waves as the sun comes up and then returning home via some bush tracks enjoying the wild flowers, birds and wildlife. I especially love looking at how busy the spiders have been during the night and seeing all their awesome webs.  I am so careful not to disturb any of them as it must have taken all night to build.

It really is the perfect way to start every day.  You can experience the same while staying with us at HideAway Haven.

Innovation and Excellence Awards 2016

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards give recognition to businesses that are transforming their respective industries and the standard-bearers of excellence by continually setting industry trends as well as showing significant advances in terms of innovation and improvement. With this awards programme, no business is too big or too small. The awards are open to organisations and individuals working in a wide range of sectors around the world. Our past winners have included multinational organisations working on a global scale as well as hard-working national or regional companies that simply deserve the recognition.

How It Works

Nominations come in from companies who believe they have achieved something particularly special that year, and also from industry veterans who have noticed something special about a specific company or individual. These nominations are then reviewed by our judges and the awards team at Corporate LiveWire, and then shortlisted for a final selection process. We research the companies exhaustively, and look at the industry they sit in to base our decision.This long and thoughtful process ensures that our in house teams have a thorough knowledge of the industries we work with, and also that they are able to recognise trends, achievements and talent. This means that when we give a company or an individual an award, it means they are right at the top of their field.  Source: Corporate LiveWire

We at HideAway Haven were nominated and have been shortlisted as a potential winner for 2016.  We have added our own comments to our supporting file and we excitedly look forward to hearing the results.  It's pretty exciting start to the Business Awards Year for 2016

"bliss in the bush"

Thanks to a dear friend whose first thought was 'bliss in the bush' when she saw a photo of HideAway Haven, we have now officially adopted it as our tagline.

You too can find the relaxation you deserve, a blissful vacation in a peaceful sanctuary. Relax in a tranquil bush setting at HideAway Haven in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia.

Surrounded by native bush & birdlife, HideAway Haven is truly special. A perfect 5 star bush retreat, yet close to the city & popular beaches. Relax & make yourself at home. You deserve it.

What is a tagline?

The idea behind our tagline is to create a memorable dramatic phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of our product.

Taglines actually fulfill a very important purpose: it let's us quickly and efficiently sum up what we are all about.

We think our tagline 'bliss in the bush' is a dramatic and memorable phrase that sums up what we are about.

Qantas Australian Tourism Awards 2015

The Qantas Australian Tourism Awards are the tourism industry’s premier awards program and most anticipated event, celebrating and recognising excellence in tourism.

The 2015 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards will be held at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on Friday 5th February 2016 and HideAway Haven is a finalist in the Hosted Accommodation category and will representing Western Australia. Our flights are booked, accommodation booked and a few other exciting plans while we are there.

Albany will be well represented with the City of Albany and The Lake House in Denmark finalists as well.

Just breathe .....

Just breathe,

Where is the one place where you can just stop and breathe?
The one place the mere sight brings a sense of relief?
The one place where the sound brings waves of relaxation?

The Beach.

The Ocean.

With the pure white sands and turquoise waters, Albany truly boosts countless pristine beaches. There will always be a beach where you can walk on, to contemplate life or let go of stress, where there will be no one disturbing the peace that you are seeking.
Early morning walks along the beach, whilst watching the sunrise, is a peaceful way to start the day or late afternoon picnics on the beach watching as the sun slips below the watery horizon is a perfect way to end a day.

What a perfect way to spend time.

Albany Region’s natural beauty

Looking for a special place to reconnect, celebrate a honeymoon, create memories?  Albany Region has it all.

Explore the underwater world in an amazing diving experience, sail the ocean wilderness, play with the waves in a kayak, go fishing or throw yourself off a cliff and hang glide over the mighty ocean, play some golf, visit the nearby national parks where you will be amazed by the wildflowers.

Feel the passion and romance hidden in the beautiful sunsets, while you walk along some of our beautiful beaches, hand in hand, listening to the soft, rippling sounds of the waves.  Or sit on top of Stony Hill with 360 degree views, a glass of wine and some cheese to watch the sun set over the Southern Ocean.

Albany is perfect for the Aspirational Achievers, Experience Seekers and Dedicated Discoverers

Take time to enjoy the sunrise

When was the last time you got up early enough to watch the sunrise? And, no, I don’t mean peaking out your window. I mean, sitting outside on your private deck, wrapped up in your fluffy white bathrobe or blanket, sitting in solitude, and watching the sunrise from start to finish. From the point where the stars are bright until the last of the circle is above the horizon.  There’s just something about having a flat landscape and being able to see the entire scope of the horizon that makes it special – being able to watch the whole world wake up.

One of the characteristics of modern life seems to be that we are moving at an ever-increasing pace.  There is more to life than increasing its speed.  Life has a lot of simple things you can enjoy. But if you move too fast you will overlook most of them. Sometimes in life we must hurry. But overall, life should be less hurrying and more noticing. Life is the present. There is a beauty and clarity that comes from the simplicity of standing still and watching a sunrise.