Enjoying Your Gluten-free Lifestyle

Enjoying Your Gluten-free Lifestyle

Whether you have a wheat allergy, celiac disease or some other form of gluten intolerance or sensitivity, trying to structure your life around a new health condition can be daunting. Most people on gluten-free diets quickly adapt; making a few changes to a recipe here, choosing an alternative product there, learning which items to avoid and which can safely be consumed.

Eating Out

It can be challenging when you first start eating out, but again, most people find local cafes and restaurants that can accommodate their needs. If you're based in a larger metropolitan area, you may be lucky enough to find a gluten-free speciality restaurant near you. If not, don't despair. A growing number of people are aware of the problems faced by gluten-sensitive individuals, and if you ask the staff they may be able to offer you gluten-free options. Many dishes are already naturally free of gluten, or can be made gluten-free with a few small changes -- leaving the croutons off your salad, for example.

On the go

While it's easy enough to eat wheat and gluten-free at home or in your favourite eaterie, things can get a little more complicated when you're out and about. At work or running errands, it can be more difficult to find things that are safe for you to eat and drink. Deciding to go gluten-free may mean passing up your usual fast food or takeaway options. Instead, look for prepackaged foods in supermarkets and grocers, or find quick and simple recipes that you can prepare at home and bring with you.

Further afield

The real challenges often begin when you leave your usual locale and travel somewhere unfamiliar. It can be tricky to find safe places to enjoy a meal or a drink. Going self-catering is one option. If you prepare your own meals, you can be sure you're not accidentally eating anything you shouldn't -- but the extra effort can make a holiday feel less relaxing for some. Fortunately, there are some hotels and holiday resorts that make a special effort to provide delicious gluten-free dining as part of their overall experience. It may take a little research, but you can find wonderful holiday options that don't involve the worry and extra effort of trying to find gluten-free foods. Support organisations for gluten and wheat sensitive individuals can often help.

At HideAway Haven we cater for a range of dietary requests, requirements and lifestyles.  We make our own gluten free bread and have a range of milks for those who have a dairy intolerance or who are vegan. Our raw afternoon treats are all gluten free and vegan.

Going gluten-free doesn't mean giving up the things you enjoy. With a few creative changes, you can live life to the full.


Article written by Sally Perkins - Freelance Writer and mother of a gluten intolerant daughter.

Bush Tomato

The more than 1.5 million square miles of Western Australia are home to both a diversity of terrains and about 7,500 native plants. Western Australia has coastal, forest and mountain regions suitable for a wide range of plant life, including many species of trees, shrubs and tuberous plants suitable for eating.
For centuries, these plants have provided bush food, or "tucker," and medicine for both native Australians and outback settlers.

By Mark Marathon

By Mark Marathon

Bush Tomato – Solanum centrale
The term bush tomato refers to the fruit or entire plants of certain nightshade (Solanum) species native to the more arid parts of Australia. Solanum centrale, is also known as Desert Raisin, Bush Raisin or Bush Sultana, or by the native name kutjera.
Bush tomato plants are small shrubs whose growth is encouraged by fire and disturbance. The fruit of a number of species have been used as food sources by Aboriginal people in the drier areas of Australia. They have a very strong flavour and scent when ripe and fresh, so that one can actually smell a richly fruiting specimen from quite a distance.

Gathering your own bush tomatoes is not recommended unless you have an experienced gatherer to help identify the edible varieties. Some related species are not edible and contain toxic amounts of the alkaloid solanine

Bush tomatoes ripen in the wild in the central desert and the fruits are allowed to dry naturally on the plant before gathering. This process is essential if they are to be safely eaten with no harmful side-effects because during the drying process the level of alkaloids is reduced. Dehydration also concentrates the flavors in bush tomatoes and creates more full-bodied and complex flavor notes in the same way as drying in the sun modifies the flavors of many familiar spices from around the world. 

Bush tomatoes are becoming commercially significant in the bush food industry. The fruit have a strong `sun-dried tomato’ flavour, often with a solanine aftertaste, and the dried, ground fruit is most often used as a flavouring or spice.

You can find some recipes on the BushFood Australia website.  

You can purchase the spice or whole tomatoes from our local Bushfood Factory where they grow their own. 


Native vegetables becoming an Australian staple

Indigenous root vegetables may soon be in commercial production on community farms in our South West Region.  

 Noongar Aboriginal carbohydrate staples from south-western Australia. (a) Karno (left, Platysace cirrosa ) and youck ( Platysace deflexa ); (b) yanjit or yandjiti ( Typha ); (c) mean ( Haemodorum ); (d) warran or warrine ( Dioscorea yams). Photos: (a) Geoff Woodall; (b) and (d) Stephen D. Hopper; (c) Kingsley W. Dixon.  Source:

While there's an abundance of native root vegetables which sustained Indigenous communities, more than two centuries after European settlement, few if any have been domesticated and marketed to the mainstream. A couple of vegetables have the fine food industry buzzing and Aboriginal-run farms are positioning to grow and sell them.

One chef already singing the praises of indigenous root vegetables is Paul Iskov, who runs Fervor, a mobile pop-up restaurant producing fine dining in exotic outdoor locations around WA.

"You're not going to find tomatoes or carrots on our menu, it's going to be youlk, kulyu, blood root,  — those kind of things," Mr Iskov said in an interview with the ABC.

Vincenzo Veletri, a Swan Valley chef and promoter for Slow Foods Australia, said the domestication of youlk, kulyu, blood root crops would be an important step towards saving important traditional foods.

"What is important for us is to keep the food, because with time, the food disappears if no one is going to have a look at it," Mr Veletri said.

Maybe time to update our breakfast menu and add some native edible vegetables?

Daring to Dream Big while Singing Loudly above the Noise

We headed off to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  We are finalists in the Micro Business Category.  With over 2,000 entries, we felt humbled to be one of only 23 finalists.

On one of my (Maggie's) early morning walks I met a magpie.  He was such a happy little bird.  There was construction going on all around, the noise of the lawnmower was deafening, but he was singing loudly over the noise.  This magpie had no control over his environment or personal space.  His challenge was to be heard above the noise and not let the noise spoil his day.

That was a special moment I collected that day.

As small business owners we have challenges to overcome in an environment of construction and noise, do we sing loudly in the morning?

As life partners, in our mid fifties we dared to dream big.  A life of being together and working together.  Our own successful business in a niche market while living in paradise.  Our dream is now a successful reality.

We have had to overcome challenges and obstacles, but every morning we dare to sing loudly above the noise.

At HideAway Haven we love love being part of creating special lifetime memories and emotional connections for our guests as they experience our beautiful corner of the world, which we call paradise.

Our goal is to continue to inspire others to sing loudly above the noise, to be heard in their small business, just as that special magpie did this morning.

Singing loudly above the noise HideAway Haven dreaming big

While you are travelling through our Albany Region, stay with us and discover and experience rather than just visit our beautiful corner.  With 5 star luxury starting with a warm room, big comfortable bed, top quality bed linen, big white fluffy robes and so much more you will leave leave with life time memories.

HideAway Haven luxury accommodation in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.

Autumn in the Albany Region

Autumn at HideAway Haven - our favourite season

"bliss in the bush"

"Yet Autumn is here, like another Spring, 
a ministering, kindly season, healing the wounds of that too ardent love
which Summer gave.  - C. J. Dennis

The mornings are cool and crisp with mist settling into the valleys. Watch the sun rise and mist lift as you sit on your deck, wrapped up in your cosy white gown with a warm cuppa in warming your hands.

With a huge variety of beautiful natural scenery and so many things to do and experience, Albany Region is a destination to discover and experience in autumn. 

Albany’s mild and mostly-sunny autumn weather is absolutely perfect for enjoying the outdoors on a picnic or a long hike in one of our many National Parks.  See our Walks and Hike guide.  Some days the weather is warm enough to spend the day at the beach and enjoy a swim in the crystal blue waters of the Southern Ocean.  

And to mix it up a little there will be some cool and rainy days to entice you to go for a scenic drive, wine tasting or maybe a long winery lunch at one of the many wineries in our region.

"Make the change from visiting to discovering and experiencing the Albany Region" 

Why the Albany Region is a compelling choice for a relaxing discovery break.

Dedicated Discoverer - Want to escape the daily grind? Looking for an authentic experience? Looking for adventure?

Aspirational Achievers - do you view travel and holidays as a reward for your hard work and success in life? Are you looking for a wine, food and activity based holiday?

Experience Seekers (International) - Do you want to challenge yourself? Visit authentic destinations off the tourist route?  Exposure to unique and compelling experiences? Grow as an individual and stay healthy?

Discover the Albany Region and enjoy a memorable experience in a nature based environment. 

Make the change from Visiting to Discovering and Experiencing.

Albany and our surrounding region offer tourists an experience like no other.
National and local attractions, beautiful natural surrounds and wildlife, farmers markets, events and festivals,  restaurants, bars and shops — Albany has it all.

Add to this the surrounding offerings all within an easy drive—  pristine beaches, national parks and a wonderful selection of regional wineries — Albany Region is a tourism destination which truly has something for everyone.

Early Morning Beach Walk from HideAway Haven

HideAway Haven - destination for food experiences

Research shows that Australia’s strongest associations with food and wine suggests fresh produce, fresh seafood, high grade meat and unique outdoor dining most heartily tempt the tastebuds of international travellers.  The research also showed that for people who have never visited Australia, only 26 per cent associate the destination with a good food and wine offering. However, for those who have visited, Australia is ranked second across the 15 major markets for its food and wine experiences (60 per cent) behind France and ahead of Italy (third). More importantly though, for visitors from China, USA, France, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK and South Korea, Australia is ranked as the number one destination for food and wine.  (Source Tourism Australia)

The enjoyment of food and wine is integral to the experience offered by HideAway Haven. Quality ingredients and fresh organic produce,  are a common theme enjoyed by all our guests.

Albany holds one of the richest, most undiscovered wine and food regions in Australia.  Why not enjoy the ultimate in food and escape to HideAway Haven,  and enjoy an incredible undiscovered food, wine and landscape experience.  

Gourmet Platter from Oranje Tractor wine

Hands on private cooking classes can be arranged with appropriate notice at an additional cost.  These include


Stretching our Culinary Ingenuity

Anyone who has food allergies such as gluten or lactose or follows a special diet (such as kosher or vegan) knows that sticking to your food routine can be frustrating, depressing and sometimes a little tricky -- especially when you're travelling.  Dietary restrictions don’t have to take the spontaneity out of your adventures; it just takes a little planning.

Welcoming guests into our HideAway Haven home is an invitation to be cared for and treated like family and preparing breakfast or dinner for you is an extension of that care. From vegans and vegetarians to guests who are gluten free, soy free or paleo-dieting,

Some dietary requests and restrictions have stretched our culinary ingenuity but over the years we've come up with a few knock-out breakfasts.

Coconut and Banana French Toast (vegan) made with Gluten Free Home Made Bread

Orange Chia Breakfast Pudding - RAW Vegan and Gluten Free

Pan Seared Oatmeal served with local fresh blueberries and drizzled with honey - Vegan, lactose and Gluten Free)

Don't waste time doing anything important when there is a sunset you could be enjoying

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling up together on a soft blanket on top of Stony Hill, gazing at the brilliant, silent sunset over the Southern Ocean.  Create a beautiful memory of this experience that will last a lifetime. All you have to do is show up before the sun sets, take some wine and cheese and enjoy a romantic evening.

“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.” 
― Jo Walton

Tourist in our Town - Three Anchors

With some of Western Australia’s best produce at their fingertips, Three Anchors  menu reflects what’s in season on the day and the chef’s create their magic around it.

Seafood and fish are menu staples, but you' re just as likely to enjoy burgers, steak sandwiches, or beef and pork while you .

Great beach front location at Albany Region's popular Middleton Beach, this is a pleasant spot with all day dining available.  Live music on sunday afternoons.

Sam had his first steak sandwich here and he was sold.  During the rest of his stay in Albany, if steak sandwich was on the menu he would order it.

Cooking with Skal in Nilla's Italian Kitchen

Last night Skal International Albany Australia met at the home of John and Nilla for our October members meeting.  We had a great time as Nilla's Italian Kitchen came alive with the busyness and chatter than comes with a group making and cooking pasta.  Nilla is an amazing cook, passionate, with a generous and warm heart, it was always going to be a great evening. We made Red Green and white pasta to match the Italian flag.  Together with a pork ragout she had made previously it was a restaurant quality meal.  And for the new vegetarian (me) there was burnt butter sauce with sage to toss through the pasta.  And did I mention the cake?  I have no idea how to pronounce it but it was the most amazing Italian sponge cake.  I did see half a bottle of cointreau going into the marmalade filling in the centre.  

It was a great evening with the mayor of Albany giving us up to date information of all tourism events and projects happening in the next few years.

Thank you John and Nilla for another fabulous evening.

Italian Feast Fundraising Dinner

The night certainly felt like we were on the set of MKR.  It was a fantastic night of great food, awesome wines and fun people.  Becki spent hours presenting the perfect dinner setting.  It looked amazing.

Our Italian Food was a hit.  We raised $1,020.00 for Nicola's dream to sail around the world in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.  

table setting.jpg


Caprese Salad Canapés


Vegetable Strudel with Gorgonzola Sauce


Including Italian Salad and Garlic Bread

 Black Rice with Local Fresh Fish


Pasta alle Felice


Tiramisu with local strawberries

 Mango Sorbet Cocktails