In and around Albany - Sand Patch

"Sandpatch" has only a small patch of sand and about 10km of rocks. Only 12km from the city centre of Albany you will find yourself about 80km above the Southern Ocean, with incredible views, and surrounded by one of the best examples of wind farms in the world!

Sand Patch.jpg

Thank you to SKYPRINTS for your stunning photos of this beautiful piece of coastline.

Start by following the path under the huge wind turbines. You will find a number of interpretive panels about the wind farm, as well as information about the six seasons of the Noongar calendar.  There is an awesome viewing platform at the Sandpatch.  The Bibbulum Track passes through the Wind Farm and you can take the path either left or right.  The ocean and rugged coastline is always in sight and there are plenty of wild flowers and orchids to be seen during the different seasons.

Senset at Sandpatch