Places to enjoy on your road trip - Mount Cooke

Mount Cooke, near Jarrahdale, Western Australia, is the highest point on the Darling Scarp at 582 metres. It was named after William Ernest Cooke, Western Australia's first Government Astronomer.

Image Credit:  Bibbulum Track

Image Credit: Bibbulum Track

Mount Cooke is well known for its walk track which is part of the Bibbulmun Track. The Bibbulmun walk track leads from a parking and picnic area, and meanders through the Jarrah forest, coloured with a host of wildflowers in all seasons, to the summit of Mount Cooke.

This walk within the Monadnocks National Park includes about 3 kms along the main ridge and summit of Mount Cooke which at 582m above sea level (and about 200m above the surrounding plateau) is the highest granite monadnock in the Darling Range

Mt Cooke has the been the victim of a number of bushfires over the years and the 2003 bushfire had an massive impact. You will see some of that as you wander through including the remnants of the old campsites that was lost in the fire.

Access is approx 45 km from Armadale along Albany Highway for 2km past the start of the Cooke Pine Plantation, then turn left onto a narrow dirt road at waypoint ‘RD-1