Places to enjoy on your road trip - Crapella

This free overnight rest area is set off the Albany Highway.  There are trees between you and the highway to provide a noise limiter.  It is a circular gravel layout with plenty of shade if desired.  It is basic with picnic tables & bins only.

Look for wildflowers - Hibbertia, Wandoo, Jarrah, Dryandra, Banksias, Eremaea, Melaleucas and Pea flowers. Follow the track around to the lake (s.e corner) which is home to small tortoises.

Flame Peas.jpg

The service and sacrifice of Western Australia's Victoria Cross and George Cross recipients will be remembered in perpetuity with each recipient being commemorated at highway rest stops south of Perth. 

A plaque commemorates Private Arthur Gurney who was a recipient of the Victoria Cross (V.C.) for his actions during World War Two. The plaque is part of the Commemoration Way Project which honours Western Australian recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross.

During fighting at Tel el Eisa on 22 July 1942, Gurney attacked three enemy machine-gun posts which had been holding up his company's advance. He had already stormed the first two, killing the occupants with his bayonet, and was approaching the third when a stick of grenades exploded, knocking him over. He continued on and charged the third post, "using the bayonet with great vigour" until killed. His body was later recovered from the post. His citation claimed that his company's successful attack "was almost entirely due to Private Gurney's heroism at the moment when it was needed".

Gurney was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, he also received service medals for the Second World War.

Source: Monument Australia