Places to enjoy on your road trip - Woodanilling Pioneer Heritage Trail

The town of Woodanilling was first gazetted in 1892, not far from the watering hole called Round Pool. The town is in a sheep and grain producing area and was named after a spring in the Boyerine Creek, 1 km south of town.  Woodanilling is a Noongar Aboriginal word meaning place of little fishes. It is approx 37km from Albany Highway turnoff.  Well worth a detour to break up your trip.

Image Credit:  Shire of Woodanilling

Image Credit:  Shire of Woodanilling

The very first settlers came to the area looking for pastures on which to graze their sheep. Later, cutters poured into the district and decimated the sandalwood tree population.

In 1904 the railway station was the freight leader for the region, transporting mallet bark, sandalwood, grain, wool and goods for the local shops and businesses on the big old steam trains.

In the early 1900s, 800 people lived in the Shire, and the townsite boasted general stores, a hotel, banks, a hospital, a road board office, a post office, a bakery, a blacksmith’s shop and brickworks. Today the population is on the increase again and stands at about 420 people.  

Opened in 2008, the Woodanilling Heritage Walk consists of 13 panels on a short walk around the townsite. There are old black and white photos on each panel together with all sorts of stories about our people and places. Heritage Walk colour guides are available at the Shire council offices.

Source: Hidden Treasures.

"Woodanilling Pioneer Heritage Trail" Guide Brochures can be collected free from the Woody Shire Offices.