Places to enjoy on your road trip - King Rock

Located to the north west of the Woodanilling Shire, between Boyerine and Cartmeticup, the rock has a large flat face at the summit sloping to the north, the highest point is in excess of 340 metres above sea level.

Image Credit: Woodanilling Shire 

Image Credit: Woodanilling Shire 

The name has probably been ascribed due to the size of the rock and majestic view from
the summit. Panoramic views to the north can enjoyed as far as Mt Deception.

It became a popular picnic spot for the families in the area in the 1920's. Carts and
wagons would wind their way around to the NNE corner of the rock. Here, at the foot of
the rock, games and other social activities would take place.

The reserve has abundant wildflowers and is thickly timbered with sheoaks and jam trees.
It is also the most easterly site of the Shire where red gums (eucalyptus marri) grow. Part
of the reserve was used as a Shire gravel pit. This has since been rehabilitated.

The site is a prominent natural feature of the landscape

The site is significant as a recreational site for early settlers. The area surrounding the
rock is also notable as a flora and fauna sanctuary.


Source: State Hertiage WA