Jon Doust - Albany's resident comedian

Jon Doust is a comedian, writer, novelist and professional speaker from Western Australia. Doust was born in Bridgetown. He studied English at Curtin University and worked in farming, retailing and journalism before pursuing a career in comedy and writing.

In the 1993 Australian federal election, he unsuccessfully stood for the seat of Curtin against incumbent Allan Rocher making only 428 votes. His campaign slogan was

"Put me last!".

He then went published two small books titled How to lose an election and Letters to the police and other species.

HideAway Haven in Albany Region

Jon Doust is also an environmentalist and a huge lover of our Magpies.  He co-wrote a book called Magpie Mischief.   Magpie Mischief is a delightfully irreverent story about a group of school kids who gang together and take on the City Council to protect the magpies nesting in the trees outside their school. It has strong wildlife conservation theme.

Teaching notes encourages students to think about   • Habitat • Feeding • Handling • Intelligence • Care of the injured of our unique magpies.

Image Source:  Jon Doust

Image Source: Jon Doust