Albany - Home of 'The Waifs'

The Waifs formed in August 1992 in as a folk rock band. The Simpson sisters, Donna and Vikki grew up in Cosy Corner in Albany in a Salmon fishing family.  They formed a duo, Colours, in Albany to perform cover versions of Bob Dylan and Everly Brothers at local pubs. Their father, Jimmy Simpson, bought Donna her first guitar when she was 15. In February 1992, 20-year-old Donna and her 16-year-old sister, Vikki headed off in a Kombi van to tour the state as Colours, busking their way across Australia..

Cosy Corner - home of The Waifs

 They stumbled across Josh Cunningham in a pub in Broome as he was touring Australia playing bass guitar for a band. The Simpsons met 18-year-old Cunningham while they were playing in Broome.  After a ten-minute jam session, Donna invited Cunningham to join Colours,
Upon their return to Albany, Colours changed its name to The Waifs (initially styled as The WAiFS) and continued to use their Kombi van from 1992 to 1996 to travel to gigs across Australia.

 “The longer I am away from Australia the more connected I feel to Australia and I keep writing songs about that,” Vikki says. “I grew up near the salmon camp where my grandfather fished, my father played there as a kid and when I go back there now I do the same things with my children. I physically feel connected to that place when I’m there. It’s almost a spiritual thing. It’s where I grew up. It’s where I learned to play guitar, where my husband proposed to me. I’ve had all these deeply personal moments and significant things happen in this one place.”  (source: The Waifs)

2017 marks The Waifs 25th Anniversary. They are commemorating this event by releasing  a new album called IRONBARK.  The inspiration came from the majestic eucalyptus standing sentinel over them as they recorded 25 songs live & acoustic at Josh’s beautiful house in the bushland of South Coast NSW, Australiaand the resilience and inner strength of the wood as orated in the song of the same title.