The Beautiful Moment A Refugee Father Reunites With His Family After 4 Years

After spending four years apart, a man named Dyan was finally able to reunite with his wife and three children.

This video represents the next chapter in the now near four-year-old story of our church's ministry to refugees in a North Fort Worth complex.

Few people are aware that Africa is experiencing its worst refugee crisis in history, as millions of people flee Sudan due to a devastating civil war which has left 100,000 people without food. Fortunately, some have been able to successfully escape and relocate to countries where they have an improved chance of living a happy, secure life.

The family of a man named Dyan received the opportunity to do just that four years ago. After receiving aid from a Christian ministry called The Village Children, Dyan’s two children and wife – who was pregnant at the time – relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. Unfortunately, Dyan was forced to remain in a Sudanese refugee camp until the immigration process was worked out. For four years, the family remained separated. That recently changed, however.

In the video below, Dyan is greeted by his family whom he has not seen since they moved to the United States of America. It is the first time he is seeing his 3-year-old son, as his wife was pregnant when she left Sudan. At one point, Dyan became so overwhelmed with emotion that he fell to his knees in gratitude.

Their reunion will absolutely tug at your heartstrings and, hopefully, encourage you to learn more about the various refugee crises around the world

The film’s creator, Robert Fuqua, commented:

“Xenophobia is nowhere in the heart of God. He is all about the nations! For me, this video is a testament to what can happen when God’s people respond in simple, yet sacrificial obedience to God’s call on the Church … to engage and embrace people of all tongues and tribes.”

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