Real-Life “Animal Whisperer”

Real-Life “Animal Whisperer” Has Mastered The Art Of Taking Selfies With Critters

Allan Dixon has taken hoards of 'selfies’ with animals, such as wild birds, kangaroos, quokkas, and goats. Most importantly, they participate on their own.

Wildlife Selfies

The preferred way to ‘shoot’ animals is with a camera, and New Zealand resident Allan Dixon has mastered the art of doing just that. Rather than tear wild animals away from their natural habitats or force them into unnatural poses (like tourists herehere, and here), this Auckland-based adventurer cultivates a calm environment which naturally draws wild animals, such as birds, sheep, and kangaroos, into his space. Then, he captures incredible photographs of their meeting.

It’s no wonder Dixon is known as “the animal whisperer,” as he’s taken selfies with a wide variety of critters. He’s even posed near grizzly bears, though smiley shots with quokkas remain his favorite. He calls them “the happiest animal in the world.”

When he’s not posing with wild animals, the modern day Dr. Doolittle is working on projects such as a book on mindfulness and “some personal quokka projects” (whatever that means). If you’re on Instagram and Facebook, follow Dixon’s adventures by using the hashtag #DaxonsAnimalSelfies.