It's our job to make our guests' experience a little bit better.

In the hospitality industry, the guest experience is king. Anyone can provide a bed and a shower - it's the little things that add up to a memorable stay.

There are some simple, easy-to-implement solutions that can have a big impact on guest experience

Morning Coffee time is better at HideAway Haven, Albany Western Australia

Our hotel room in Boise had a little balcony but no outdoor patio furniture, but it had awesome views.  How special it would have been to sit on the balcony in the cool of the morning, before the heat of the day and enjoy the views over the river while enjoying a morning coffee.  

It doesn't take too much to improve a guests experience in an economy style hotel and elevate it to have that luxury feel. It's the little things that matter and some amenities such as outdoor furniture could be easily and cheaply implemented to keep us delighted during our stay.

At HideAway Haven we have beautiful decks with top quality and comfortable outdoor furniture.  Perfect to sit and enjoy a beautiful sunrise, watch the birds at play and our Aussie critters waking up in the morning.  A place to relax, breathe deeply and prepare for a busy day as a tourist in our beautiful Albany Region.