Daring to Dream Big while Singing Loudly above the Noise

We headed off to Perth for the Telstra Business Awards.  We are finalists in the Micro Business Category.  With over 2,000 entries, we felt humbled to be one of only 23 finalists.

On one of my (Maggie's) early morning walks I met a magpie.  He was such a happy little bird.  There was construction going on all around, the noise of the lawnmower was deafening, but he was singing loudly over the noise.  This magpie had no control over his environment or personal space.  His challenge was to be heard above the noise and not let the noise spoil his day.

That was a special moment I collected that day.

As small business owners we have challenges to overcome in an environment of construction and noise, do we sing loudly in the morning?

As life partners, in our mid fifties we dared to dream big.  A life of being together and working together.  Our own successful business in a niche market while living in paradise.  Our dream is now a successful reality.

We have had to overcome challenges and obstacles, but every morning we dare to sing loudly above the noise.

At HideAway Haven we love love being part of creating special lifetime memories and emotional connections for our guests as they experience our beautiful corner of the world, which we call paradise.

Our goal is to continue to inspire others to sing loudly above the noise, to be heard in their small business, just as that special magpie did this morning.

Singing loudly above the noise HideAway Haven dreaming big

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