Collect Moments not Things

Collect moments not things has been the theme for July on our Social Media sites.

Here are some reasons why you should collect moments not things.

1. Its more fun to look forward to an experience than a thing

You may initially feel excited when you first order the latest technology gadget, but that excitement quickly turns into feelings of impatience as you wait for it to finally arrive.

Unlike waiting for a material item, waiting for an experience (like a vacation) elicits pleasant feelings of anticipation.

If you book your trip in advance, you tend to have more pleasant feelings and excitement the closer you get to your departure date.

2. Moments are priceless

We tend to put values on what we buy such as a new car, which we may value at $30,000.

However when it comes to experiences, it becomes harder to put a numerical value on memories.

3. Experiences help us learn about ourselves

If you’ve ever taken a solo trip or walked through a nature trail before, this has given you time to reflect and become self-aware.

Experiences allow us to learn about what we like and what we don’t like. They teach us how to face and even conquer our fears. Experiences can test us at times, and show us what we are capable of accomplishing.

Hiking up to the top of a mountain for example can test your endurance. Rock climbing or bungee jumping may help you conquer a fear of heights. Exploring a non-English speaking country can help you become more patient.

4. Moments allows us to bond with others

Buying an experience helps create a social connection with others.

When traveling, it’s easy to create a bond with other tourists or locals by engaging in conversation. If you attend a concert, you are in a venue full of other people enjoying the same music as you.

Being closer to other people tends to makes us happier.

5. Experiences create lasting stories

I love hearing stories about people’s travels and adventures; to me it makes for enjoyable listening.

I think most of us can agree that we prefer to hear about what someone did over the weekend as opposed to what purchases they may have made.

Even if an experience is not enjoyable at the time, it can still become a good story in the end.

I remember when we arrived in Paris, it rained the entire first day, but rather than stay at the hotel, we went out and explored the empty streets and used the underground to get around.

We look back on this now and are happy we made the most of that day.

6. Moments are fleeting

Constantly being exposed to our material items can cause us to appreciate them less. No matter how exciting an initial material purchase might be, it eventually becomes part of the background.

Experiences tend to be brief, but the memories from these moments can last a lifetime. I still talk about and remember fondly vacations or concerts I’ve attended in the past.  Or the perfect rainbow that arched across the ocean

I can happily share these memories with others around me today.

7. Moments are a part of your identity

Having a material item doesn’t contribute to who you are as much as your experiences do. Experiences are the sum of your identity.

Whether you’ve learned how to speak another language, ran a marathon, climbed a mountain, or walked across San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge — those moments add to your identity in a way that cannot be matched by a material item.

8. Each experience is unique

You may decide to buy a look-a-like Prada bag from H&M or Zara.

However, when you meet up later that night for drinks with friends, you may see one of your friends carrying the real Prada bag.

Naturally, she has the nicer bag since it’s the real thing.

Comparisons of material items are easy to do and can create feelings of unhappiness like in this case.

Each experience on the other hand is unique to the individual experiencing it.

Whether your neighbour is taking a luxury Caribbean cruise while you decide to relax at a cottage on the lake — neither experience is better than the other.

What matters most is the people you are with and how you are making the most of your moments.

9. Material things tend to get boring quickly

Let’s say you just bought the latest technology gadget and you’re excited to play with it and tell all your friends.

By the next week, that excitement may have dropped down a notch, and within a few months, that new technology gadget becomes part of the furniture.

It loses its initial luster and you may already have you eye on the next gadget that’s available on the market.

If you signed up for a series of dance classes, each class becomes a novelty experience. The fleeting nature of experiences may prevent you from feeling bored.

10. Buying experiences makes us more happier than buying things

Points one through nine encompass the reasons of how buying experiences can lead us to happiness.

However, many people already know this but prefer to spend their money on material items instead of experiences.

This may be because people like to utilize their material purchases as a show of status or career success to others. Instead of thinking these items will buy us happiness, trying to keep up with the “Joneses” can actually make us feel worse.

We tend not to readily think of experiences in terms of social comparisons like the way we regard material possessions.

As mentioned in point #8, each moment is unique to the individual experiencing it.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but buying an experience could be the answer.

At HideAway Haven, we deliver those moments, special memories to treasure forever.  Moments like wrapping yourself in a fluffy white gown, sitting on your deck with a warm cup of coffee and watch the magic colours as sun wakes up in the morning.  Watching the birds greet another brand new day, enjoy a gourmet breakfast or experience real Italian fine dining.

Over to you — why do you like to collect moments not things?


HideAway Haven luxury accommodation in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.

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