Making memories is one of life’s most precious past-times.

Memories are a powerful thing. We all want to create happy memories for ourselves, which will keep us smiling for decades. How do we do it? By spending our time, effort and money on creating them through great experiences.  

Daily distractions and pressures can take their toll on a relationship and a holiday gives us a way to get away from it all and actually spend time with each other.

How to create memories while staying at HideAway Haven.

Watch the sunset: Nothing beats watching the sun go down together. Walk down the beach holding hands and catch the sunset with the love of your life. Give in to the moment as it’s an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come. Have the champagne chilled or the wine ready to go, and watch the stunning natural phenomenon together. It is a perfect and romantic way to reflect on your history together and all that is still to come.

Watch the sunrise: get up early enough to watch the sunrise. And, no, I don’t mean peaking out your window. I mean, sitting outside on your private deck, wrapped up in your fluffy white bathrobe or blanket, sitting together, holding hands in silence, watching the sunrise from start to finish. From the point where the stars are bright until the last of the circle is above the horizon.  There’s just something special and memorable about having a flat landscape and being able to see the entire scope of the horizon that makes it special – being able to watch the whole world wake up.

Pamper yourselves: Who doesn’t like to be pampered on a holiday? The two of you can indulge in a soothing body massage, facial or pedicure.  Enjoy yoga together or try out our flying High Yoga experience from your private deck. Treat yourselves to a rejuvenating experience and create some memory magic!

Give each other the gift of having time for each other. Just making time to be together, to slow down enough to really be with the one you care about and simply let the moment happen.

Walk along a secluded beach or hike a bush trail and experience something truly beautiful, something untouched and extraordinary, and feel as though you’re the first person to see it. Find the space and the freedom to simply be.

We spend a great deal of our lives pushing and striving for things but the greatest gifts as well as the greatest holidays, really do come when we simply, just, stop. We hope that you can make more valuable life-long memories soon.

HideAway Haven  5 star luxury accommodation in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.