Beach meets Bush

Albany Region - where the Beach meets the Bush 

Whether you are interested in simply relaxing by the warm, turquoise blue waters of the ocean, while soaking up the sun, doing business in the area, taking a bush walk, a mountain hike or exploring the region, HideAway Haven will offer you a unique and memorable stay.

Albany Region with its seven National Parks, surrounded by the natural beauty of 49 pristine beaches, spectacular granite coastline, extraordinary diving opportunities, two rivers, two harbours, being the oldest settlement in WA, ancient mountains, temperate rainforest and the spectacular Sky Walk in the middle of it and whale watching for four months of the year, there is something for everyone.

I love my early morning walks to the beach (only 2.9km), a short stroll along the beach, listening to and watching the waves as the sun comes up and then returning home via some bush tracks enjoying the wild flowers, birds and wildlife. I especially love looking at how busy the spiders have been during the night and seeing all their awesome webs.  I am so careful not to disturb any of them as it must have taken all night to build.

It really is the perfect way to start every day.  You can experience the same while staying with us at HideAway Haven.