SILVER at National Tourism Awards 2016.

 We picked out our evening gowns and as you can see we were ready for SILVER or GOLD.

We were joined by The Hon. Lynn MacLaren MLC (Member for South Metropolitan Region) with the portfolios of both Small Business and Tourism  together with her partner and long time guests and friends Adina and Michael from Brisbane.  We knew it was going to be a 'Good Good Night'  

We joined fellow West Aussie finalists in the lobby for a drink with an opportunity to meet and greet.  Just being there meant we had all already won GOLD in our various categories at a State level.

Walking into the ball room at the Convention Centre was overwhelming.  Here we were two gals from little Albany in a room full of Gold winners from around the country. The Australian Tourism Awards are the tourism industry’s premier awards program and most anticipated event, celebrating and recognising excellence in tourism.  We settled in for the night with no expectations, to enjoy good food, wine, friends and the buzz of the night. The entertainment was fantastic and we were thrilled when Kate Ceberano was welcomed on stage. She disappeared through a back door though so we didn't get to meet her.

When the announcement was made that HideAway Haven was the SILVER winner in the Hosted Accommodation category a scream went up from the table.  Maggie's dress was the correct one.  The rest of the night was a blur of photo's, congratulatory hugs from judges, friends and industry.  With tears streaming down our faces, ruining our make-up we proudly displayed our SILVER frame.  To be awarded second best in the nation was a very proud but also humbling moment for us.