Innovation and Excellence Awards 2016

The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards give recognition to businesses that are transforming their respective industries and the standard-bearers of excellence by continually setting industry trends as well as showing significant advances in terms of innovation and improvement. With this awards programme, no business is too big or too small. The awards are open to organisations and individuals working in a wide range of sectors around the world. Our past winners have included multinational organisations working on a global scale as well as hard-working national or regional companies that simply deserve the recognition.

How It Works

Nominations come in from companies who believe they have achieved something particularly special that year, and also from industry veterans who have noticed something special about a specific company or individual. These nominations are then reviewed by our judges and the awards team at Corporate LiveWire, and then shortlisted for a final selection process. We research the companies exhaustively, and look at the industry they sit in to base our decision.This long and thoughtful process ensures that our in house teams have a thorough knowledge of the industries we work with, and also that they are able to recognise trends, achievements and talent. This means that when we give a company or an individual an award, it means they are right at the top of their field.  Source: Corporate LiveWire

We at HideAway Haven were nominated and have been shortlisted as a potential winner for 2016.  We have added our own comments to our supporting file and we excitedly look forward to hearing the results.  It's pretty exciting start to the Business Awards Year for 2016