Tourists in our own Town - Sandpatch and Windmills

Becki and I have decided to become tourists in our own city for a couple of weeks. So many of us never  see our home city for what it really is.  We get up in the morning, go to work, come home in the afternoon and after time don't really appreciate our town.  What is it that tourists see when they arrive in our town?  What do they see when they arrive in their car, on the plane or the bus.  We are going to find out.

Albany wind farm is a wind power station near Albany, Western Australia, owned by Verve Energy. It has 18 wind turbines.  It was commissioned in October 2001, after ten years of planning. The wind farm has the capacity to produce 80 per cent of the electricity requirements of Albany.

The Sand Patch is well known for its salmon and the 506 stairs you need to navigate to get to the bottom.