Pepper and Salt Restaurant - Denmark

HideAway Haven offers 'Spice up your Life' masterclasses with Chef Silas from  Pepper and Salt.  We enjoyed his awesome food first hand when we travelled to Denmark last month.  At Pepper & Salt Restaurant they create inspiring dishes that nurture the heart and soul, using fresh seasonal produce.  They are enthusiastic in their love of spices and use them perfectly to enrich the flavours in their dishes. Dining at pepper and Salt restaurant is all about enjoying the whole experience and there is never a rush to get out the door.  You are encouraged  to enjoy the relaxed ambience, gaze at the stunning views, sample the boutique wine and savour the flavours.  Silas and Angela are the perfect welcoming hosts, explaining the dishes on offer and the best wine to accompany the dishes.  Why not book a master-class with Silas while you are here or enjoy a lunch at their restaurant.