How to while away the hours when the weather refuses to cooperate

When we dream about our vacations, most of us imagine ourselves sun baking in endless days of summer and sunshine, as we go about the activities we’ve planned, such as taking long, leisurely strolls in a new city; spending carefree days lazing on the beach; and enjoying relaxing cups of coffee at the cafes. So, it’s only natural to feel resentful and a little depressed when you arrive and it’s raining. 

However, bad weather does not need to ruin your stay in Albany. Step out of the tourist mindset and find other things to do – things which might give you a greater insight our local way of life.  The reality is that a lot of us tend to over-schedule our holidays as we don’t want to miss seeing anything important.  

Rain can actually be a good way of forcing us to stop bolting from one tourist sight to the next and just relax. 

1. Do something you were going to do. So you’d been planning to go to the beach? Go anyway – as long as the water is a manageable temperature, swimming in the rain is actually an exhilarating experience.

2. Visit the ANZAC Centre. Immerse yourself in the culture of our WW1 ANZAC’s

3. Hit the gym - If you all you have been doing the previous days was to lie down on the sand and enjoy the sun, eat and drink, it's time for some physical exercise. You don't want to be completely out of shape when you get home, right?  Albany has a range of gyms were you are welcome as a day visitor.

4. Have a spa day - What can be more relaxing than a day at the spa? After all, you are on holiday and you were planning to take it easy and get some rest.   Try Saltacious Albany's Natural Health and Beauty Centre for a massage or Salt Therapy.  Visit Mount Romance for a The Gong, Bowl and Cone Experience or just relax in the Tribal Dreaming Relaxation Centre.

5. Go see a movie - Rain can be a good excuse to watch movies that you never get time to see.

6.  Use the opportunity to relax. Take the bad weather as a chance to settle back with a good book or your journal, or hit up a cosy coffee shop and just be.

7. Sit back on your deck and just watch the rain thundering down. The stormier the weather, the more fun this is!