It's variety that makes it so exciting

There is nothing monotonous or boring about our Albany weather, and it's because of its diversity that we have such wonderful landscapes and countryside. 

While most of Australia will be experiencing record temperatures with no end in sight, we will be “enjoying” another cool summer. 

The relentless blue skies and hot burning sun became very exhausting.  In Albany even on a warm day our sea breeze kicks in early afternoon to bring refreshing relief from the heat.  No need for air conditioning, just open up the windows.  

We think "cold" is when the white flakes come down, and we don't experience winters like that in Albany, unless you are on top of Bluff Knoll. Albany winters are quite mild and you can often find a sunny spot on a beach somewhere that is sheltered from wind to enjoy hours of real warmth. 

Most days are very comfortable, but it's important to be prepared for both cold and warm weather. Pack wisely, dress in layers and you will be able to enjoy Albany whatever the weather conditions.

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