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Deep Sea Fishing

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Do you dream of catching a monster fish and experiencing that thrill of a tough fight? and the bragging rights that go along with it? 

The appeal of deep sea fishing is not difficult to understand. The wide open ocean, the large game, the challenge, the rush of excitement for the adrenaline junkies, when catching these magnificent and elusive deep sea fish is appetizing enough for anyone with a love or interest in fishing for sport

In Albany, the fish generally bite all year round but the best time is during summer and autumn when they are most active. There’s a plentiful supply and range of delicious eating fish off the coast of the Albany Region, such as pink, red and queen snapper, harlequin, breaksea cod, and the prized dhufish. And if you want to catch the big one, then the excitement of hooking a samson or shark will give you something to brag about for years to come.