Albany Region for the Aspirational Achievers - Bibbulmun Track

Need a vacation? Experience nature and leave your everyday stresses behind with an epic hiking trail. Whether you’re a skilled backpacker or an average walker who wants to really see what Mother Nature has to offer, the Bibbulmun Track is out there just waiting to offer you the experience of a lifetime. Though there are plenty of smaller hikes — including day hikes — available, the full, long-distance Bibbulmun Track spans 1,000 km of Western Australia, from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to the historic town of Albany on the south coast winding through the heart of the scenic South West. Attempting the full trek takes approximately 60 days and will lead you through forests, tranquil farmland, vineyards, waterfalls, wild beaches and granite boulders. Named after the Bibbulmun Nyoongar — an aboriginal group that travelled long distances on foot for ceremonies — the Bibbulmun Track passes through 22 national parks and reserves, offering breathtaking views of beautiful coast scenery, wildflower displays and wildlife, such as emus, kangaroos, seals, dolphins and whales.

Bibbulum track to Albany

The track is broken into 9 sections. Click HERE to see the full map.  Travelling on foot brings you closer to nature, the land and people.  So why not embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the culture and the natural beauty of our landscapes. Start at the beginning or half way and finish up in Albany.  Stay with us at HideAway Haven and be pampered with a comfortable bed and first class facilities including a therapeutic Jacuzzi to soak those aching bones in.