Albany Region for the Dedicated Discoverers - Discover the Ocean Wilderness

'Dedicated Discovers' (those who want to discover something new) 

There is nothing like the feeling of being dwarfed by Southern Right Whales or having your breath stolen by a dancing dolphin. The anticipation and exhilaration is just about touchable…. standing on the edge of the boat, eyes focused and scanning the dark blue surface of the ocean for any sign of the of movement. Then, right in front of you, a Southern Right Whale lifts its face out of the water and stares at you! This is a humbling and awe-inspiring experience that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. When cruising along, heading back to the shore, you notice a few friendly dolphins jumping along with the boat. Their playful eyes watching you as they move effortlessly and gracefully through the light blue of the shallows. Albany offers whale and dolphin watching tours, which run year round.  (editorial Joslyn van Nieuwkerk)

Albany Whale Tours  can be contacted on 0422 441 484  or  0422 609 553.  There are Winter Watching Cruises, Marine Wilderness Tours and Summer Twilight Cruises.  The love and respect for the ocean wilderness is evident in all areas of their cruises. 


This was my trip advisor review -  John and Forrest are passionate about the protection and conservation of our ocean wilderness. They deliver a high quality nature based whale tour and educates the guests on the protection of the ocean and the creatures who call it home. All cruises are delivered with heart, passion and integrity. The quality of the experience is the key to Albany Whale Worlds success and is what makes them unique. 
John enhances the tourism experience through his story telling and music which involve his guests emotionally. He is relaxed, confident, passionate and knowledgeable. 
When you take a whale watching tour with Albany Whale tours it’s not just about seeing the whales, it’s the whole experience that leaves you filled with passion and joy. 
Thank you John and Forrest, you are both beautiful souls and can’t wait to be back on your boat again.