Albany Region for the Experience Seeker - Riding the Waves

There’s no greater feeling than surfing and that feeling of being part of the ocean, really riding on top of the world. Surfing’s freedom, adventure and creativity rolled into one.  Annabel Candy

Surfing for me is “thrillingly surreal”. There is weightlessness that exists as you are moving quickly but at are standing right on top of the water. The power of the wave pushing your board combined with movement across, up and down the face as you gain speed is the thrilling aspect. Yet you are right in the middle of nature – feeling the air, hearing the break of the wave as water sprays around you and perhaps the sound of a seagull. That’s the surreal part, something you don’t normally experience in a lot of other outdoor sports. -Marc Winitz

Part of the thrill and the challenge of riding waves lies in the variety of waves and weather conditions.   The Albany Region has many beaches where you can ride the waves.

Lowlands - waves are perfect for all levels of surfers. All year round it won't disapoint

Nannarup - waves are generally bigger here than most other beaches near by

Salmon Holes -  consistent surf, Most days should be good here.  Experienced surfers only Find a local that will go with you.

Sand Patch - renowned for massive surf! Tow-ins are popular here.

Middleton Beach - for beginners

Photo Credit - Wikipedia