Albany Region for the Experience Seeker - Abseiling

You are standing on a completely safe platform. Everything inside you is telling not to do this; you stay where you are. But everyone else around you is yelling at you ‘go for it!’.

Your heart is racing; your palms are starting to feel a bit sweaty. You go through the instructions again. You check your gear one last time, procrastinating for just a few more moments. For the hundredth time in 5 minutes you ask your instructor ‘Do you have me, right?’

You take a long deep breath in and against all logic, you step backwards off that completely safe platform. Backwards into that perfectly empty space, connected only by 11mm of high tech nylon and polyester rope, a harness, a helmet and a gadget called a descender.

Welcome to the sport of abseiling.

Scary as it sounds, abseiling is one of the great adventures that thousands of people enjoy every year in Albany region.

Abseiling programs are run by Outdoor Discoveries in the Torndirrup National Park or with Adventure Training Consultants

Editorial Joslyn van Nieuwkerk