Albany Region for the Experience Seekers - Scuba Diving

Are you adventurous and do you enjoy a variety of experiences in one location? -

We are exploring the endless opportunities available in the Albany Region.  So why not book your stay with us and enjoy some unique experiences.  We have enjoyed bringing you Deep Sea Fishing and Paragliding.  Today it is Scuba Diving

Only Divers Know the Feeling.

Only a diver knows the feeling you get when your eyes slip below the surface and the addictiveness of the salt water! Albany offers countless dive sites. From natural reefs to Islands and even 2 sunken ship wrecks., with lots of different fish to keep you company. There are blue gropers to amaze you with their colour, Nudibranchs to fascinate you, friendly seals to make you laugh and if you are lucky you will meet a dolphin to play with! There is lavishness of colourful hard/soft coals and sponges to keep you interested and coming back for more! Albany has a hidden secret and it is waiting for you to find it under the surface of the ocean.

'I find the lure of the unknown irresistible' Sylvia Earle  (Sylvia Earle has been at the frontier of deep ocean exploration for four decades. She's led more than 50 undersea expeditions, and she's been an equally tireless advocate for our oceans and the creatures who live in them.)

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Photo Matt van Nieuwkerk and editorial Joslyn van Nieuwkerk