Albany Region for the Experience Seekers - Paragliding

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We will explore the endless opportunities available in the Albany Region.  So why not book your stay with us and enjoy some unique experiences.

Paragliding can be pictured as a unique experience, maybe similar to the flight of an eagle in the skies. It is considered an air sport in which a pilot flies an unmotorized foot-launchable aircraft. With them we can experience, at least in part, the thrill those early pioneers must have felt as they explored the unknown. They take us into a world driven not by the laws of man, but by the laws of nature.

WA Paragliding, based here in the Albany Region, provides great sporting entertainment at one of the world’s premier paragliding locations. Paraglider pilots come from all over the globe to fly over our magnificent coastline. WA Paragliding Academy offers a 30 minute tandem instructionnel flight with an experienced professional, and you will get a great birds’ eye view of Albany and its surroundings, flying over the beautiful white sandy beaches, maybe even catching a glimpse of the dolphins and whales splashing in the water below  Fly amongst the pelicans and sea birds, and look down over the National Parks to see the kangaroos and all the other wildlife that this fantastic area has to offer - as you’ve never seen it before!

Hang Gliding spots in and around Albany can be found at

Mount Clarence
Sand Patch
Shelley's Beach
Mutton Bird Island