Cooking with Skal in Nilla's Italian Kitchen

Last night Skal International Albany Australia met at the home of John and Nilla for our October members meeting.  We had a great time as Nilla's Italian Kitchen came alive with the busyness and chatter than comes with a group making and cooking pasta.  Nilla is an amazing cook, passionate, with a generous and warm heart, it was always going to be a great evening. We made Red Green and white pasta to match the Italian flag.  Together with a pork ragout she had made previously it was a restaurant quality meal.  And for the new vegetarian (me) there was burnt butter sauce with sage to toss through the pasta.  And did I mention the cake?  I have no idea how to pronounce it but it was the most amazing Italian sponge cake.  I did see half a bottle of cointreau going into the marmalade filling in the centre.  

It was a great evening with the mayor of Albany giving us up to date information of all tourism events and projects happening in the next few years.

Thank you John and Nilla for another fabulous evening.