Miracle's story is nothing short of a miracle

I mentioned in an earlier blog about becoming a vegetarian, that following Miracle's story was another reason I decided to stop eating meat.

With permission from Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary I would like to share some of her story and photo's and videos.

Miracle was born 3 weeks prematurely on a Dairy Farm and was going to be left in the field to die as the farmer did not want to give her the care she would need to survive. The girls at  Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary took Miracle in and gave her a loving home.   Miracle has been very very weak and very sick at times unable to breathe and having seizures. 

While following her journey to becoming a gorgeous beautiful happy little calf full of mischief and fun, I found my self doing a lot of soul searching. Miracle was left to die,  was rescued and countless hours of love, attention, time, money, tears and heartache were poured into this beautiful calf, yet we kill them to put food on our plates.  Miracle and many other animals are enjoying a free life at this sanctuary.  Some of these animals were abandoned, mistreated, or ready to be killed. Now they are having fun, receiving love, enjoying playtime and are given nurturing environment.    

We are now sponsoring Miracle, to help with some of the costs that caring for animals entails.